Is Funshop Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Details Here!

This article will let the reader know is Funshop a legitimate business? Other details and specifications.

Are you a ferocious enthusiastic, passionate and crazy fan of anime? Are you also looking to collect a collection of these shows and link your passion to the objects? Then, you’re not alone. People from across the globe are doing this.

Funshop TikTok website is getting an extensive selection of fans of anime across the world in a variety of prices. Additionally, they’re not just selling accessories, but also wearables like shirts, shoes etc. People are eager to find out whether Funshop legitimate?Let’s explore!

Is Funshop legitimate or not?

  • Creation date:25/06/2022 (less than 2 months)
  • Date of expiration:25/06/2023 (nearly one year remaining)
  • Owner details –The identity is hidden by WHOIS.
  • Trust Index –1 percent This is a very low.
  • Trust score:87/100 It’s remarkable and hopeful.
  • Blacklist engine for the website-Not found in any of the search engines until now.
  • Website RankThis site has a low average percent of the rankings that is suspect.
  • Malware score –Not found.
  • Phishing Score –Not found.
  • Security- Safe HTTPS protocol detected.
  • reviews for FunshopThere are no reviews available on the site and other sites that are reputable.
  • Social Media handlesThey do not have active accounts on social media.
  • Contact information-Only contact details that are related to email are listed on the site.
  • Spam score:Not found.
  • The site is close to the suspect websiteMarked as a low-average website which makes it suspicious.
  • Address- Not mentioned.
  • Feedback featureCustomers can only submit their feedback via email. There are no open sections available.

The analysis of this website and its parts gives some mixed opinions that is reflected in the negative answer. Does it appear to be legitimate? Funshop legitimate?

Information About the Website Funshop TikTok

Funshop-TikTok website claims to be authorized and registered by TikTok, Shopify and Paypal as an online store. The store offers a variety of items for anime and accessories including a variety of deals and combos. They also offer free shipping and discount.

They provide secure and safe payment options, and an extensive number in themed items. Additionally, they offer the promise of a quality product for 90 days straight following the purchase. Some are limited editions, and can’t be found on any other websites or through portals.

Does Funshop have legitimacy? Specific details-

  • Website name-
  • Contact numberNot found
  • Email ID-
  • AddressNot found
  • Cost PriceIt is listed in USD.
  • Policy on Returns and RefundsOne is available within 14 days after receiving the purchase.
  • Payment methods:PayPal.
  • Shipping policyTheir Shipping policy can be split into two sections. From standard logistics to express. They can process orders between 3-14 business days.
  • Privacy Policy-They have gathered location and payment details.
  • Tracking- Available.

This research will show that Funshop is legitimate? It is clear that Funshop is not a an issue that has an unanswered answer, and the most concrete answer is no.

Pros of the site Pros of the website

  • They hold a real SSL certificate.
  • They are tagged as secure websites.
  • Their malware and phishing scores aren’t yet available.

Contradictions with the site Cons of the website

  • Alexa rank is insufficient.
  • The website contains information which isn’t yet being evaluated or analyzed by any web server.
  • There is no contact information available.
  • Owner’s identity is concealed by WHOIS.
  • The site is not old enough and is due to expire very soon.
  • Their index and trust score cannot be matched.

Funshop reviews 

We are unable to find reviews or ratings on their official website. They don’t have a feedback platform where you could find other reviews from customers. They declare that they are triple registered however, their absence of any data suggests doubt about their legitimacy and authenticity.

Furthermore, we were unsuccessful in finding reviews on other trustworthy portals for review submission publicly. Their trust scores are unbeatable since one increases the score while the other is soaring to the bottom.

In addition, click this link to find out how to safeguard yourself from PayPal frauds.


Is Funshop a legit site ? Is Funshop a legitimate site? For the most recent research We would not advise the blind faith of this site even after they have registered the account they are proclaiming. Data is a rough measure of all that we can assess and compare things. The use of any new platform without a verified and fulfilled data can be costly and may be detrimental to other types of experiences.

Animation is a new trend that is popular among youths and the idea of launching sites like this could encourage them to purchase the accessories.

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