Is Erin Andrews Dating: Is Erin Andrews Married?

Is Erin Andrews Dating? Find out the romantic life that led to Erin Andrews, her rise within the sports media, as well as her heartwarming romance with former NHL player Jarret Stoll.

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Who is Erin Andrews?

Erin Jill Andrews is a famous name within American media, renowned for her diverse career as a sportscaster and a television actor, and personality. Her meteoric rise to fame started when she was a reporter for ESPN in 2004 and showcased her skills with sports reports and commentaries. In a significant shift, Erin later became a leading sideline reporter at Fox Sports, specifically recognized for her contribution to their NFL broadcasts.

In addition to her sporting endeavors, Andrews garnered further acclaim through her participation in ABC’s cult series, Dancing with the Stars in which she displayed her dance skills and charismatic personality. Her contribution was so powerful that she was invited to be the co-host of Dancing with the Stars from 2014 until 2019 establishing her place as a versatile and highly regarded media star.

Is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is not currently engaged, since she is with former NHL player Jarret Stoll. The couple’s love story started at 2012’s 2012 World Series when they first met. After their first meeting and their bond intensified, and they began dating. A beautiful conclusion to their romance, Erin and Jarret exchanged vows in Montana in the year 2017, beginning their marriage journey.

Despite having to face personal challenges that included fertility issues, Erin has maintained openness about her personal struggles. Her openness has only strengthened the bonds that she and Jarret. Their journey to happiness reached a point in July 2023 as they welcomed their first child to the world with an embryo, further strengthening their bond to each other and to their expanding family.

Who is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is presently in an intimate marriage to Jarret Stoll who was an ex-professional hockey player who made his mark on the NHL. Their long-running love story culminated in a happy wedding ceremony in 2017 to mark an important milestone in their common journey. Jarret Stoll, who enjoyed a dazzling success in his career in hockey, including winning 2 Stanley Cups, brings a lot of experience and success to their relationship.

Although he retired from active participation Stoll’s dedication to hockey was unflinching, and Stoll continued to be a part of the hockey community, in particular by his participation in The L.A. Kings. The dynamic duo has definitely discovered a lasting and deep connection, mixing Erin’s exciting media career alongside Jarret’s rich sports history to create a harmonious and successful relationship.

Erin Andrews Husband

Jarret Stoll, who is the revered wife of Erin Andrews, boasts a rich history as a professional hockey star, carving an enviable niche within the NHL. His distinguished career saw him wear the jerseys of famous teams like those of the Edmonton Oilers, L.A. Kings, New York Rangers as well as Minnesota Wild. While playing for the L.A. Kings, Stoll was able to achieve the pinnacle of his career by winning two highly sought-after Stanley Cups, etching his name into the history of hockey.

After his retirement from competitive sports Stoll’s unwavering commitment brought him into his new job as the player’s development analyst as well as an analyst participant of the L.A. Kings, further making a difference in the sport that he is passionate about.

The path to love led to Stoll and Andrews meeting for the first time in their year 2012 World Series, culminating in their incredibly loving union in the year 2017. Their journey was filled with victories and challenges and a heartbreaking struggle for fertility, which they prevailed over when they welcomed their beloved son via surrogate, which symbolized the strength and depth of their love.

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