Is Downwardlab Scam Or Legit {Sep} Check The Details Here!

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Are you in the market to purchase trendy hoodies for sale and with free shipping on an online store within the United States? Do you want to get the benefit of purchasing more and receiving more discounts? Are you looking to purchase tough boots? Did you already know about is an online store that sells Hoodies and boots. Let’s find out whether it is Downwardlab Scam or Legit and learn more about its offerings and the ridiculous discounts.

Is Downwardlab Legit?

  • Downwardlab was established on the 17th of May in 2022 and is registered within the USA.
  • It earned a sour 22% trust score.
  • It was ranked below average with a 42.2 percent business rating.
  • The site has a horrible 2/10 domain authority.
  • Its IP is valid SSL certification for 341 consecutive days.
  • It’s a highly-risked website with a suspicious score of 22 percent, a 43 percent threat and an 18% chance of malware, 43% phishing and an average score of 3% for spam.
  • The identity and the contact information of the owners are restricted.
  • Downwardlab expires on 17th-May-2023.


Downwardlab has included a generic mission statement, which was copied from several websites on the internet. downwardlab reviews the mission statement that has been uncovered states the company’s goal to provide an extremely high level of satisfaction of customers. Additionally, the content on the site is sourced from

Downwardlab sells:

  • 21 Cowboy boots,
  • 9 Ed Sheeran Hoodie, and
  • 13 Harry Styles Hoodie.


  • Buy hoodies and boots at
  • The address of the physical address 35 Catherine St, Stockport, UK-SK74BR is fake since it indicates the social housing.
  • +44 7360 253946 is the phone number, and is the business email account.
  • Terms and Privacy Policy are copied and re-used.
  • The garments are shipped within 5-10 business days.
  • Downwardlab requires 1-2 days of processing time. This is to verify the authenticity of Downwardlab. legitimate?
  • Downwardlab permits cancellation prior to shipment.
  • The website will accept returns up to 30 days.
  • Refunds are issued within 10 days from the original payment method.
  • Visa and Mastercard transactions can be made in GBP.


  • The cost of hoodies begins at PS29.99
  • Downwardlab provides up to 75% discount when you purchase more
  • The user-friendly UI allows searching, filtering and sorting


  • The poor logic and lack of inventory control at Downwardlab permit ordering unlimited quantities
  • It is difficult to return the items since return shipping labels have to be procured
  • Discounts that aren’t real, ranging from 75 percent

Customers Downwardlab Reviews:

Four reviews on websites along with the one YouTube reviews of Downwardlab suggests it’s an enigma. Downwardlab is not a supporter of reviews from customers. Downwardlab gained a zero Alexa rank. So, know about PayPal frauds to beware of online scams.

Conclusion: is a fraud. It has low confidence, DA, Alexa ranking and a below-average business ranking. The customer was not notified of receiving the product from Downwardlab was available on the web. Additionally, it scored highly in terms of suspicion, threat malware, Phishing accounts. We wouldn’t recommend it.

Thus, know about fraudulent credit card transactions Beware of scams with credit cards to stay away from online fraud.

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