Is Denis Simioni Married: To Whom Is Denis Simioni Marry?

Is Denis Simioni married? This article delved into professional photographer Denis SIMIONI’s relationship his past, providing insight into his marriage to Silvana Simioni, and their subsequent divorce.

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Is Denis Simioni Married?

The truth is that Denis Simioni was married to Silvana. After a brief relationship, the couple broke up. Following the separation, Silvana started her career in bodybuilding and eventually became an expert bodybuilder.

Denis is involved in his company, the creator of Ojon Haircare, Tweak’d by Nature.

Who exactly is Denis Simioni?

Denis Simioni, a prominent name in the hair products business, is credited as the creator of Ojon Haircare. Ojon Haircare is a brand that specializes in products for beauty that are made from plants.

Not only as a founding member however, he also acts as the spokesperson of the brand, actively advertising the products. He is professional photographer.

There isn’t any information available regarding Denis Simioni regarding his personal and private life.

Denis Simioni Age

Denis Simioni, the businessman has not revealed his age to the general public. He prefers to keep the privacy of his family and keep his personal details hidden from the scrutiny of the media mainstream.

This option lets him have greater control over the details regarding his private life will be revealed to the public. This means that his age is not disclosed and adds more mystery surrounding his identity.

Denis Simioni Ex Wife

Denis Simioni’s ex wife is Silvana. After the divorce of Denis Simioni, who can be seen still presenting Ojon Hair Care on QVC, Silvana immersed herself in the world of bodybuilding competition. She was the winner of her first two figure and fitness competitions and later becoming an expert bodybuilder. Silvana her mother, who is of Spanish origin and the father of her is Italian is frequently confused with different ethnicities.

Contrary to what is commonly believed her personality is quiet and shy. She has lived her entire life in Canada her home was within Pembroke, Ontario. Inspiring by a friend in her 40s, who was a mother and was competing at bodybuilding events, Silvana decided to give an attempt. With the assistance of the trainer who was her friend’s, she began to learn about diets that was a brand new experience for her, coming to an Italian background.

Silvana acknowledges her gratitude to her boyfriend Adam Lychak, a mixed martial arts trainer and competitor thanks to Adam Lychak’s understanding and assistance regarding nutrition and diet as well as training, in order to help her reach her goals. This statement indicates that she is moving on from the divorce.

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