Is Dean Gaffney Married: Read Her Wife Details Here!

Are you curious to find out if Dean Gaffney is married? Find out the latest information on Dean Gaffney’s relationship status, and about his wife and children.

What is Dean Gaffney all about?

Dean Gaffney was born in Hammersmith in London on 14 February 1978. He is an English actor and TV presenter who is best known for portraying Robbie Jackson in BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Gaffney began his acting career as a young child. Gaffney appeared in several television commercials, before landing a major role in EastEnders as Robbie Jackson. Gaffney’s Robbie Jackson character was an instant success. He played the part for over a decade before leaving the show in 2003.

Gaffney’s EastEnders career was accompanied with hosting roles on several television shows, including Fort Boyard and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! The National Lottery Drawings, NOW! and The National Lottery. He has appeared in many other TV and film dramas such as The Bill Extras and The Krays: Dead Man Walking.

Gaffney continued to appear on our screens even after his departure from EastEnders. He appeared in shows such as Skins and Death in Paradise. In 2004 and 2017, he briefly reprised his role as Robbie Jackson on EastEnders. Gaffney is also active in charity work, having supported organizations like Children in Need, British Heart Foundation and Princes Trust.

Gaffney’s career has been illustrious, but he has faced personal challenges. He was injured in a car crash that occurred in 2013. He has been open about his depression struggles and publicly revealed his efforts to find therapy and treatment. Dean Gaffney, who has a career spanning three decades, is a well-known and popular figure in British film and television.

Is Dean Gaffney married?

Sarah Burge, his childhood sweetheart and Dean Gaffney’s wife, was married. Charlotte and Chloe were their two daughters. Their relationship ended when he was found to have been unfaithful for 18 months, with a hairdresser named Sasha Levy.

Sarah left Dean in 2015, despite her years of tolerating Dean’s infidelity. Dean was understandably upset about the breakup of their 22 year romance. He said that seeing photos of his ex-partner with someone else humiliated him and was not something he wanted.

Dean’s reputation has been widely publicized as a serial womenizer. He is alleged to have slept with over 100 women. It is clear that his string of illicit relationships contributed to the breakup of his relationship. He has, however, continued to be a prominent figure within the British entertainment industry.

Who is Dean Gaffney Wife?

Dean Gaffney does not have a wife, but he has a relationship right now with Valerina. She is 19 years younger. Recent reports in The Sun claim that Dean Gaffney is romantically involved with a 25-year old Russian blonde named Valerina. This news caused a lot of controversy, especially since Valerina shares the same age range as Dean’s twin girls.

A source close to Dean commented on the matter, saying that Dean is a natural with women, and they fall at his feet. Dean insists that Valerina and he are only friends, and they’re just having fun.

Dean’s reputation is that of a womanizer. There are reports of affairs, one night stands, and romps which would put the legend Casanova to shame. Only time will tell if Dean and Valerina’s relationship is platonic or more.

Dean Gaffney Children

Dean Gaffney became famous for his role on EastEnders as Robbie Jackson, which he played between 1993 and 2003. Rumours of adultery were spread during his relationship with Sarah Burge, his childhood sweetheart, with whom Gaffney shares twin daughters Charlotte and Chloe. A 18-month affair with Sasha Levy caused a temporary break between the couple.

Dean has also been linked to pornstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Celebrity Big Brother’s Alicia Douvall. He dated Rebekah rose-Ward, a model for three years. They broke up in 2019. He appeared in Celebs Go Dating in 2020.

Dean became a first-time grandfather in 2021 at the age 43, when Chloe had a daughter named Mimi. In 2022, Chloe revealed that she was expecting her second child. Dean posted the news on Instagram along with a picture of his first-granddaughter Mimi holding a scan.

Dean Gaffney Age

Dean Gaffney has accomplished a lot in his 45 years. He is an established British actor who is best known for his role in the popular soap opera EastEnders. He has overcome personal obstacles and emerged as an individual who is resilient and strong. His positive attitude and determination have inspired many.

Dean is a successful actor, but he has also been a DJ in the UK, appearing at music festivals and top clubs. Dean’s passion for music, and entertaining others, is evident in all he does.

Dean persevered despite personal challenges and worked towards his goals. Dean is an example to those who are going through difficult times. He shows that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. His positive attitude has earned him a place in his fans’ hearts.

Dean Gaffney’s life is a testimony to his dedication and hard work. He inspires many by showing how perseverance and optimism can lead to greatness. We are looking forward to more of his talents and achievements in years to come.

Dean Gaffney Love life

He had relationships with many women, including his famous women Valerina & Sarah. In the entertainment industry he is known as a womanizer. He is known for having at least 100 affairs. Here is the life of Dean Gaffney.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Dean Gaffney was photographed in 1995 with Linsey McKenzie, a pornographic actress. Dean Gaffney later admitted that sleeping Linsey McKenzie was a low in his personal and professional life.

Sasha Levy

According to reports, Dean’s 2007 affair with Sasha Levy, a hairdresser from London was the beginning of his breakup with Sarah Burge. The affair, which lasted 18 months, caused Dean to be under a lot of stress.

Maddie Stephens

Dean and dancer Maddie Stephens were seen in Blackpool, England, hand-in-hand. The fling, which lasted a few weeks, saw Dean move in with Maddie Stephens.

Alicia Douvall

Dean briefly dated Alicia Douvall after his relationship with Sarah Burge ended. She was a former Celebrity Big Brother contestant. Their relationship was short lived, however, as Alicia claimed Dean was selfish and clueless when it came to bed.

Rebekah Rose-Ward

Dean’s longest and most successful relationship was with Rebekah, a model. The three-year relationship ended in 2019. Rebekah was bored by Dean’s laddish behaviour. It appears that Dean remained faithful to Rebekah throughout their relationship.

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