Is Dan Quinn Leaving Dallas: Why Was Dan Quinn Leaving Dallas?

Dan Quinn is anticipated to stay in Dan Quinn’s Dallas Cowboys as their defensive coordinator, with the exception of a head coach position elsewhere.

Is Dan Quinn Leaving Dallas?

At present, it seems it is likely that Dan Quinn is not leaving Dallas. As per The ESPN’s Ed Werder, Quinn is expected to remain in the role of defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys in the upcoming season, if he isn’t able to secure an assistant coach position elsewhere. In spite of the Cowboys losing in the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers, Quinn’s prospects with the team appear secured.

The Cowboys chief coach Mike McCarthy, expressed that Quinn is highly valued as a member of the coaching team, and the decision regarding his future is going to be an interview process. Quinn has attended only two of the five scheduled interviews with head coaches however, with the possibility of a return back to Dallas to serve as defensive coordinator is possible that he will continue contributing in the defensive strategy during the coming season.

Who is Dan Quinn?

Dan Quinn is a highly popular defensive coach who’s been working with the Dallas Cowboys for the past three seasons. Quinn was a star during his two-year stint being the defense coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks in 2013 and 2014, when the defense of the team was came in first place among the NFL in total defense and points allowed per season. They also reached the Super Bowl both years.

After the success he had in Seattle, Quinn served as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons which saw the team reach the Super Bowl appearance in 2016. After separating from Atlanta and joining his fellow team the Cowboys to become their defense coordinator for 2021.

Quinn’s experience as a defensive coach has been a key factor to his defensive skills have contributed to Cowboys their success as the team was seventh for scoring defensive efficiency in 2021. It will be in 2022, fifth. Despite the setback in the playoffs Quinn is a highly desired candidate for head coach posts.

How Did Dan Quinn Perform in the Playoffs?

Dan Quinn’s performance during the playoffs was scrutinized in the wake of Quinn’s performance in Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys defense, led by Quinn who was the team’s coordinator, gave up 48 points. This was the worst playoff performance for the franchise. The defense was more aggressive in its defensive zone than it usually does and the team failed to score any takeaways or sacks.

The disappointing result has raised concerns about Quinn’s defensive tactics considering the expectations of the No. 2 seed in the playoffs playing at home. The setback to the playoffs, Quinn remains a candidate for head coaching roles and has interviews scheduled with a variety of teams. The impact of a single match in the playoffs on Quinn’s overall eligibility is still unclear.

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