Is Chrishell Stause Married: Who Is Chrishell Stause Husband?

Chrishell Stause is married. G Flip is Chrishell Stause’s husband. In fact, this American actress Chrishell Stause recently married G Flip.

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Who is Chrishell Stause?

Born on July 21, 1981 in the United States, Terrina Chrishell Stase is an actress who has achieved recognition for her roles on television. Selling Sunset, a popular Netflix reality series, is one of her most notable roles. Stause also demonstrated her acting abilities in previous television shows, including portraying Amanda Dillon in All My Children and Jordan Ridgeway in Days of Our Lives. Stause’s roles have established her as a versatile and talented actress in the entertainment business.

Stause was cast in the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. The casting news came out in April 2013. She played Jordan Ridgeway who made her debut on August 15, 2013 in the fictional Salem. On October 24, 2014 it was announced that Stause will be leaving the show in 2015. In 2018, however, it was revealed that Stause would return to the show in order to reprise her role as Jordan. Her episodes will begin airing in February 2019

Chrishell Stause is married or not?

Chrishell Stause has a husband. She is married. Chrishell Stause is known for her appearances on the reality television show Selling Sunset. She has recently revealed her relationship with G Flip. G Flip is a talented musician that identifies as nonbinary. Stause said that they became friends when she agreed for G Flip to be in his music video “GET ME OUTTAHER,” which depicts a passionate romance set in a convenience shop.

She was invited to an interview at Stause’s Los Angeles house by a famous magazine. Stause acknowledged that initially she identified as straight, but she couldn’t deny her strong attraction towards G Flip. She realized that her attraction to G Flip was based on energy, not physical characteristics.

Stause, who lives in Australia and Los Angeles, and G Flip are dating long distance. They make an effort to spend time with each other. They’ve attended a number of events together, including the GLAAD media awards, where G Flip called Stause the “Gay real estate agent of the year.”

The couple expressed their love and gratitude for each other through heartfelt tributes on Instagram. Stause mentioned that G Flip would appear in the next season of Selling Sunrise, which has generated both supportive messages and trolling online.

Stause, in response to the negative comments, confronts them in the teaser trailer of Selling Sunset. She asserts that she’s going through a midlife awakening, not a crisis. Although the couple’s relationship in public has been challenged, they are resilient and determined to make their voices heard.

Who is Chrishell Stause married to?

Chrishell Stause and Australian musician G Flip, stars of Netflix’s “Selling Sun,” got married in 2023. A Elvis impersonator officiated the ceremony. Stause met G Flip in October 2021, and they made their relationship public early in May.

Stause revealed that she is dating G Flip during the reunion for season 5 of “Selling Sundown” after Tan France, moderator, asked her if she has been with anyone special since she broke up with Jason Oppenheim. Stause said that she first met G Flip after being asked to appear in one of the music videos. They bonded because they shared similar interests.

The couple have been sharing their relationship online since then. Even tattoos have been exchanged between them. Stause began dating G Flip after she split with her co-star, Jason Oppenheim.

Their relationship timeline includes milestones. Stause shared an Instagram photo of G Flip in March 2022. They didn’t announce their relationship until then. Around the same time, G Flip posted photos of Stause at her house. In the months before their relationship was confirmed, they left each other flirty comments and compliments on Instagram.

Stause, G Flip, and their friends engaged in PDA in a West Hollywood club on May 20, 2022. The next day they made public their relationship. Stause tattooed the name of one of G Flip’s songs on G Flip. G Flip released an official music video with Stause. Stause spoke out about their relationship, G Flip’s gender, and explained that they are non-binary.

Stause and G Flip attended events together including the MTV Movie & TV Awards UNSCRIPTED where Stause was awarded for best reality actor. The couple also took a vacation to Australia, the home country of G Flip. Stause attended G Flip’s shows even though they had a broken arm.

They shared birthdays and dressed up as each other on Halloween. Stause joined G Flip to make a cameo appearance on “The L Word Generation Q.” In interviews and on social media, they have both expressed their admiration and love for one another.

Chrishell Stause’s and G Flip’s relationship is filled with public affection, support and a strong bond. The two have celebrated their love, and shared their journey with their fans.

Chrishell Stause Wedding

There has been a lot of speculation in the world about whether Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause is really married to G Flip. Chrishell Stause finally addressed the rumors in an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 LA after reports surfaced that their marriage license was not on file in Clark County Nevada. She confirmed that they were married but did not elaborate on the legal side.

Chrishell brushed off the criticism, stating that they will continue to do what they want and not seek approval from others. She said that she does not need validation from anyone. If she returns to the subject, we will provide further updates.

Chrishell Stause Age

Chrishell Stause, 41, was born in Draffenville Kentucky on July 21, 1981. Chrishell Stause earned her B.A. at Murray State University. In 2003, she earned a B.A. Her middle name “Chrishell” has an intriguing origin. The name is a combination “Chris”, “Shell”, and the circumstances of her birth.

Chrishell, contrary to some rumors in her book, clarified that her mother had car trouble and stopped at a petrol station. Her mother was in pre-labor while she waited at the gas station. A kind car attendant named Chris helped her get to the hospital where Chrishell eventually was born.

Chrishell has denied the rumors about her birth. Her mother ended their relationship before she found out she was pregnant. Chrishell’s father had a mix of Japanese and Spanish heritage. Later, Chrishell’s father, Jeff, entered the picture. Chrishell had to deal with many challenges during her middle school years. She missed a whole year of school because she was forced to live in tents.

She shared her memories of having to rely on food stamps and hiding her circumstances from her peers. Chrishell’s family struggled with mental illness and addiction. At one time, her parents joined the Worldwide Church of God. Chrishell describes her mother as free-spirited, self-righteous, and never having a stable job throughout her childhood.

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