Is Aussie Massager Store Legit (August) Check The Details Here!

Through this post, we will discuss the details of the website and want to find out Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not.

Do you need a powerful massager that can ease anxiety and stress? Stress is prevalent in this time, particularly among those who work. Neck pain, headaches, or back pain is all too common. Aussie massager is a tool to massage those who feel stressed or suffering from discomfort. The website is available on Australia.

You can have a more thorough look at and understand various other features of the online store . You can find out if Aussie Massager Store Legit? Check out the blog in detail for more information.

Is Aussie Massager a legitimate site?

To determine the credibility of an online site, it is vital to verify every aspect including the presence of social media on their site, their reviews, life expectancy and more. Therefore, in the near future, we’ll discuss these issues in detail.

  • Domain age Domain age No details regarding the domain’s age or the date when it was registered has been identified.
  • Date of expiration for domainsAlso in the event of expiration, there is no information that was found
  • Trust score Trust score The trust score for the Aussie massage store is 50%..
  • Security of data –Valid HTTP has been found.
  • Aussie Massager Store Reviewsare in a variety of formats, including positive and negative reviews.
  • Index of Trust –And the trustworthiness of the index is 100 percent, which is perplexing since there aren’t specific details regarding the date of registration or expiration date.
  • Owner’s identityNo information on the owner of the brand is available.
  • This website’s block statushas not been confirmed as a website that is blocked.
  • Social media handles –’s official page is on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Proximity to websites that are suspicious scoreThe score is 7/100.
  • Threat and Phishing profile2/100 scores both threats and phishing.
  • Alexa Ranking Alexa Ranking To decide the validity of is Aussie Massager Store legit Legitimateor not The Alexa score of the website is low, 931956.
  • Spam & Malware scoreScore:Zero represents the scores of Malware as well as spam, in 100.

Details in brief about

This store is in the massage segment of the e-commerce retailing business. Their products are distinctive and extremely technologically advanced. The following are the items that are available on their website:

  • Body Massager
  • Foot massager
  • Head massager
  • Massager for hands
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage guns
  • Massage chairs etc.

Specific details regarding this online shop

  • Registered link –
  • Number: (03) 9982 4692, it’s availability eases the suspension. Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not?
  • Website registered name –
  • Email address details –
  • Store’s address isLevel 2 1, Southbank Boulevard, VIC 3006, Southbank Australia.
  • Modalities of payment Payments using HTML0 – Payments are accepted through Amex, Apple pay, Google pay, PayPal, After pay Shoppay, Visa etc.
  • Shipping policiesShipping of items can be made in as little as 8 working days.
  • Shipping service is freeFree Shipping service available.
  • Return and refunds Refund and return policiesGoods bought may be returned after 30 days.
  • Hours of customer service –Office is open from Monday through Friday, from 8 to 5 pm.

Positive aspects to help determine if is Aussie Massager Store a legitimate business or not!

  • The connectivity is valid.
  • The website’s presence in social media sites, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Innovative technology and products are user-friendly.
  • There are mixed reviews about the website’s offerings.
  • More specific information about policies and contact information are available.

Negative aspects on the site

  • hides the owner’s details.
  • The basic information on the website such as the date of registration or expiration date, are not present.

We have uncovered the above positive and negative aspects to judge the legitimacy of websites. It is also important to talk about reviews in order to make sure the conclusion is made.

What is Aussie Massager Store Reviews ?

Reviews about and its products are readily available anywhere. A mixed opinion among customers is observed. Some consumers like the product however, others believe they are priced too high and customer service isn’t satisfactory. There are many alternatives to those products from the Aussie massager are on the market for less.

It is extremely beneficial to the website to have reviews that are posted on the product and other platforms. Visit this link to ensure yourself protected from scams using credit cards.

Final Summary

According to our investigation we have found that the question is Aussie Massager Store Legit is not a reliable answer. We have concluded that the site is a scam based on insufficient details and the reviews. We would not recommend this site to anyone without doing their due diligence. You should instead purchase products on a different legitimate website.

If you’re interested in the store’s online version then you can refer to the information from the post above. Keep yourself protected from PayPal fraudsters.

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