Is Anissa Weier Released: What Happened To Anissa Weier?

Learn about the life of Anissa Weier, who was once a normal girl who was that was made famous because of her role of the Slender Man stabbing case. Learn about her life and state of affairs in this informative piece.

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Is Anissa Weier Released?

In 2021, Anissa Weier was discharged from the mental hospital where she was held following her participation with the Slender Man stabbing case.

Her release does come with a strict set of conditions, which include 24/7 GPS monitoring, a limited internet access, and compulsory counseling sessions. She is also under surveillance up to the age of 37.

Who is Anissa Weier?

Anissa Weier was born on the 22nd of February 2002. She was widely recognized for her role as a witness in the Slender Man stabbing case. When she was involved in this incident, she had only 12-years-old. Anissa was a calm and seemingly normal young woman living within Waukesha, Wisconsin, before the incident occurred. Family and friends described her as typical middle schooler who was fond of playing games and reading.

The case then went to the dark side when Anissa along with her friend Morgan Geyser, lured another student into the woods, and brutally attacked her. Anissa’s involvement in the assault led to concerns about her mental health and the impact of online culture on children’s minds.

Full NameAnissa Weier
Date of Birth2001
Age (in 2023)21
Age at the Time of Crime12
HometownWaukesha, Wisconsin
Crime DetailsSlender Man stabbing case

Anissa Weier Sentence, Where is Anissa Weier Today?

After being confined to a mental institution due to her participation in the Slender Man stabbing case, Anissa Weier was released early. release in September 2021.

Her release was however accompanied with strict conditions, such as 24/7 GPS monitoring, a restriction on internet access, and obligatory counseling. Anissa Weier also has to reside with her father during her time of probation.

While her release was an important milestone however, it is important to keep in mind that her process remains under the supervision of law enforcement officials and mental health experts. The case has raised questions regarding her recovery and the impact that what she did to her own life and the surrounding community.

Anissa Weier Parents

Anissa Weier’s parents include Kristi Weier and Bill Weier. Prior to the tragic incident of 2014 the Weiers were divorced, but an active in the lives of Anissa as they watched of their young daughter.

As with the majority of people, was shocked by the horrific act that took place. Their shocking change from a ordinary daughter into an accomplice in such a horrific incident left them struggling with the inconceivable.

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