Is Alex Jones Leaving From BBC the One Show: Check Here!

Alex Jones’ departure from BBC’s The One Show remains unconfirmed while she continues to play her recurring role on the show returning recently after an absence to create her own series, Reunion Hotel.

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Is Alex Jones Leaving From BBC The One Show?

There isn’t any formal word of Alex Jones leaving BBC The One Show. Alex is a well-known presenter since 2010, but hasn’t announced any plans to leave. Alex recently came back to her role following a an absence to concentrate on her new series Reunion Hotel.

In April 2023 it was announced in April 2023 that Roman Kemp would be joining The One Show as co-hosting regularly with Alex Jones. This does not mean that Alex has left the show. She’s expected to continue her job as a regular presenter and will be working with Roman and hosts such as Jermaine Jenas, and Emma Willis. The viewers of the show can continue to enjoy Alex Jones’ presence on The One Show for the long-term future.

Who is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones, whose full name is Charlotte Alexandra Jones, was born on the 18th of March 1977 in Wales. Her name is a well-known TV presenter. A lot of people know her as the co-host of The BBC One show called The One Show. In her time she has also appeared on other TV shows like Tumble from 2014 on, Close Calls: On Camera between 2015 and 2016 as well as the shopping show Shop Well for Less? from 2016 until 2020.

With her captivating presence on the screen, Alex Jones has become an iconic and loved figure in the world of TV. Simply put, Alex Jones is a television presenter who hails from Wales and has also been part of a variety of TV shows, however she is most well-known for her work in The One Show. She has been entertaining and educating audiences for years and has become a renowned persona within the realm of television.

Born11. February 1974 (age 49 years old), Dallas, Texas, United States
SpouseErika Wulff Jones (m. 2017), Kelly Rebecca Nichols (m. 2007-2015)
Height1.78 m
ChildrenRex Jones
ParentsCarol Jones, David Jones
Known forInfoWars; The Alex Jones Show and Conspiracy theories Sandy Hook shooting litigation

Alex Jones Early Life

Alex Jones was born in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, to her parents Mary and Alun Jones. Her younger sibling is, Jennie. Despite the fact that her family was fluent in English in the home environment, Alex Jones attended Maes-yr-Yrfa which was a school that were taught the Welsh language. She was able to speak Welsh due to this. She was a ballet dancer from the beginning of her life. dancing and she was began her ballet training in her early years.

Then, she went on to pursue further education in the fields of film, theatre as well as television, through Aberystwyth University. In addition, while studying, she passed her final examinations at Magaluf, Spain, while being an actress on the initial season on the Sky1 show Prickly Heat. In simple words, Alex Jones grew up in Wales and her family used to speak English and she was taught the art of speaking Welsh fluently in an institution of the Welsh education center.

She had a love of ballet when she was a kid and continued to study theater as well as film and television in university. Her experience included an adventure watching a show on TV as she was completing her final exam in another country.

Alex Jones Career

Alex Jones started her career in the field of television as a researcher after she graduated from the her university. But she had to face some challenges early on and was dismissed twice, the first time because she mistakenly thought members of the group The Alarm for a repairman. Her biggest break was when a producer from Avanti Productions asked her to audition before the camera at barely 21.

Her first show came from BBC Choice, and she later became a host on S4C’s singing programme known as Can i Gymru (A Song for Wales). Jones was a specialist in children’s programming in Welsh on S4C including Hip neu Sgip? and Salon as well as making appearances on popular British television, such as the Channel 4’s show RI:SE.

Her career continued to grow when she hosted diverse shows such as a travel program named Tocyn (Ticket) which airs on S4C as well as the extreme sports show Chwa as well as Jonathan Davies’s show on Welsh rugby, Jonathan. She also co-hosted the show on Real Radio GMG in Wales. The year 2010 was the first time she secured an important position as the first female co-host of The One Show, replacing Christine Bleakley.

Her expertise and presence on TV led to many opportunities, such as the hosting of Let’s Dance for Comic Relief as well as hosting The Royal Wedding in 2011 as well as presenting Britain’s scores during the Eurovision Song Contest. Jones was also the co-host of The Sport Relief Games Show since 2012 and has hosted other shows such as Close Calls: On Camera and Shop Well for Less?, making her a well-known persona within the realm in British television.

Alex Jones Personal Life

Alex Jones, known for her work on television she has also experienced significant events in her private life. She was recognized in 2012 by Aberystwyth University as a Fellow. Her contribution in Welsh culture were acknowledged by her appointment as an official part of the Gorsedd of the Bards during an event during the National Eisteddfod of Wales in the year 2015.

But, her private life has seen its fair share of challenges and happiness. She was in an incredibly stressful circumstance when a homeless person threatened her with a series of vulgar tweets and was seen at her workplace. She was issued an order of restraining him to safeguard her and her family. It was a happy day when she revealed her first pregnancy in September of 2016 and was blessed with an infant boy in January of 2017.

The miscarriage was later confirmed and then had two children which was a baby boy in May of 2019 and a 3rd child that was a girl at the end of August in 2021. Alex Jones has shown strength and perseverance in her personal and professional life, gaining praise and respect from both her followers and the general public.

Alex Jones Husband

Alex Jones’ husband is Charlie Thomson. The couple was married in a an exquisite ceremony in the year of 2015. They’ve shared a variety of occasions in their life which includes the happiness being parents. In 2017 They welcomed their baby boy, their first little boy. The couple then added to their family with the arrival of their second child, a baby boy, in the year 2019.

Their affection and bond has been evident throughout the challenges and ups of life. They continue to create their lives as a family of love. Alex Jones and Charlie Thomson’s relationship has been a major element of her personal life. They’ve shared many memorable moments.

Alex Jones Kids

Alex Jones and her husband, Charlie Thomson, are proud parents of three children. The couple welcomed their very first baby, a newborn boy, in the month of January. It was a time that brought great joy to the couple and they expressed their joy to their followers. Then, in May 2019 they welcomed their second son, a baby boy who brought more joy and love for their loved ones.

On March 20, 2021 Alex Jones announced on BBC’s The One Show that she was expecting her third child. The announcement coincided with the birth of a newborn girl on August 21, 2021. Alex as well as Charlie have built a wonderful and expanding family, loving every moment spent with their children while they experience the challenges and joys of parenthood.

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