Indiana School Sings Journey {July 2022} Must Read!

This article about Indiana school sings Journey will provide our readers on all details about the school’s Janitor who became famous following his performance.

What is the process that makes school janitors become viral? The janitor from Indiana school was a hit due to his performance of Journey song. People across all over the United States wereamazed by his performance, and they praised him for his stunning singing. The janitor also received praise from numerous social media users when the video went viral.

This article we’ll provide more information regarding the school’s janitor and Indiana school sings journey.

The reason Indiana School in trend?

A school janitor from Indiana became famous for his performance of the Journey song. The composer and singer of the music Steve Perry was also mesmerized by the outstanding performance of the school’s janitor. He posted the video to his Tik Tok and other social media accounts.

Richard Goodall, who works as a school janitor was applauded by students around the world. Numerous videos were shared on social media sites that show Goodall performing Journey songs at the time of celebration of the fifth-grade’s graduation. The story with the headline Indiana School Sings Journey went quickly on Twitter and a variety of other social media sites and platforms.

People’s Goals on School Janitors

The powerful singing of Richard Goodall was praised by numerous people across the globe. People shared a variety of images of the school’s school’s cleaner performing the hit track Journey of Steve Perry.

Richard Goodall a school janitor Also, he reposted Steve Perry’s clip on the Tik Tok profile and thanked Steve for his kind words and reply to the video. People also praise Goodall when he received an answer from Steve. Richard aged 53, he has worked at the school in the capacity of janitor over the last 20 years.

Indiana School Sings Journey

Richard Goodall also remarked about his singing skills during an interview on one station, stating that it was completely natural and he didn’t flinch or feel uncomfortable. He simply switched on an Journey song and began to sing. He also mentioned that he didn’t expect to receive such a positive response.

The students and school staff were present for an entertainment show. this event was held to commemorate the graduation of fifth-grade students. The final stage during the program, Goodall was asked by the teachers to sing a song in front of students. Following that, articles with Indiana School Sing Journey the title were all across the web, making Richard Goodall a viral sensation in the present, and we know the reactions that he’s receiving.


In the end we’ve told our readers about a school janitor who became viral following an appearance at the school event. Richard Goodall was all over the internet because of his stunning performance of the Journey song. There are a variety of social media posts featuring Richard Goodall’s video of him singing, as well as to YouTube channels. Check out this link to learn more on Indiana School Sing Journey.

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