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After visiting the frozen mountains and the lands, people who are interested have discovered Ice Dragon Patagonia. If you’re interested in knowing more about this species, you must continue reading.

Are you aware of what the animals from Iceland appear like? If not, you’ll be able to learn more about an animal which lives in lceland and is extremely rare. You’ll be shocked to find out that the unique animal was discovered within the United States.

If you are in the same region it is possible to have a hicking session with family and friends or on your own. We are aware how rare species are scarce due to reasons. Therefore, we recommend that you go through the Ice Dragon Patagonia article through to the end to find out more about this endangered animal.

What exactly is Patagonia Dragon?

A Patagonian dragon is an ancient insect that spends the majority of its existence within the Andean Southern Icefield’s glaciers. It is the sole stonefly family member without wings that has high levels of glycerol in the blood of its victims. Patagonian Dragon feeds entirely on algae that grow in tiny crevices of the frozen. Its life span is around 100 years.

Since that the Andean Southern Icefield region is isolated and deserted, the insects that inhabit it have been subject to a small amount of study. Patagonian Ice Dragonwas an absolute blessing for people to find one that was able to emerge from the ice.

The Science behind the Obsession Obsession

The fascination of explorers with finding amazing people living in extreme environments across the globe has resulted in mythical creatures appearing like Foot Large and The Yeti, Abominable Snowman, and many other creatures found in frozen mountain deserts in the depths of undiscovered lakes or at high latitudes across the globe. These mythical creatures are associated with the discovery of amazing beasts living in cold deserts.

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Although it’s far undiscovered and immeasurable, it hasn’t been a stranger to the hunt for odd people living in the United States. In 2001 an French exploration located in Torres del Paine, looking for the secrets of glaciers, found an amazing creature that was 40 meters below the surface of the ice. The scientists called it”the “Dragon of Patagonia.”

The Discovery

Despite its name, it is not a huge creature. Patagonian dragon is actually a tiny bug with a size of approximately 15 millimeters. It is scientifically referred to as Andiperla willinki. Based on a specimen collected close to upsala glacier Upsala Glacier, Argentina, Patagonian Ice Dragonwas first reported in 1956 by French scientists Aubert Willink. This description was based off this specimen collected. He was in the belief for many times that it had passed out, however, on an French expedition, he spotted it in a crevice within an iceberg and restored it to the forefront.


Ice Patagonia Dragon is definitely the rarest insect to be found in cold temperatures, mostly in Iceland or the ice-water. In this article we have provided all the non-scientific and scientific details regarding this animal. We invite you to share more information about the Ice Dragon Patagoniain the comments section.

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