Ian Mitchell Cause of Death: How Did Ian Mitchell Died?

This is the Ian Mitchell cause of death. ‘The Bay City Rollers’ bassist Ian Mitchell passed away after a brief battle with throat carcinoma on September 2, 2020, at age 62.

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Who was Ian Mitchell?

Ian Mitchell is a musician best known for his guitar work with the Scottish rock group Bay City Rollers. Ian Mitchell, a Northern Ireland native, became an important member of the Bay City Rollers at just 17 years old in 1976. He was a bassist who replaced Alan Longmuir. His unique talents were a great addition to the Bay City Rollers.

Mitchell’s addition was made even more important by the fact that he was first person to join the group from outside of their hometown, Edinburgh, Scotland. Mitchell’s influence on the Bay City Rollers cannot be ignored, despite his relatively short time there. Mitchell’s contributions to the Bay City Rollers during his time with them are indelible.

Ian Mitchell Cause Of Death

Ian Mitchell passed away after a brief battle with throat carcinoma. Ian Mitchell, a guitarist and former Bay City Rollers member, died on September 2, 2012, after a short battle with throat cancer. Mitchell, who was born in Northern Ireland, joined the Bay City Rollers at 17 years old, after a stint with their precursor group, the Young City Stars. He was the first non Scot to wear the Rollers’ iconic tartans. However, he only stayed with the band for seven months.

Mitchell’s contributions to the Bay City Rollers 1976 album “Dedication” were notable during his short tenure. Mitchell showcased his talent by singing “Dedication” and also appeared on their successful cover Dusty Springfield’s song “I Only Wanna Be With You”, which reached the Top 20 of the charts. Mitchell’s time in the band, though relatively brief, left a lasting impression on their musical journey.

Mitchell died from cancer, but his contribution to the Bay City Rollers vibrant and energetic period will live on in his legacy. Fans and music lovers will remember his contributions to the Dedication Album and his unique presence among the group as a non Scot. Ian Mitchell’s death serves as a poignant remembrance of his important role in the history of the Bay City Rollers and his impact during his time there.

How did Ian Mitchell Die?

Representatives for the Bay City Rollers confirmed that Ian Mitchell passed away in the first two weeks of this month, after a short battle with throat carcinoma. Fox News confirmed that the news of Mitchell’s death was received with deep sadness. Mitchell, who is 62 years old, leaves behind a hole in the hearts of those he loved and the music industry.

The Bay City Rollers shared their sorrow on Facebook after learning of Ian Mitchell’s death. In a heartfelt message, the Bay City Rollers expressed their deep sorrow upon learning of Ian Mitchell’s death. They also sent their condolences, prayers and thoughts to his wife Wendy and their families and friends. He was bid farewell by those who wished him peace, acknowledging the impact and contributions he had made.

The death of Ian Mitchell is a reminder of how fragile life can be and of the devastating effects cancer has on it. The Bay City Rollers bassist will be forever remembered, loved, and celebrated in the world of music. May his soul rest in peace and those who mourn him find comfort in the memories they cherish.

Ian Mitchell and The Bay City Rollers

In the 1970s, The Bay City Rollers became a popular Scottish rock band and teen idols. They were hailed as one of the most popular musical acts since The Beatles. Ian, an accomplished musician from Northern Ireland who was 17 years old, took over Alan Longmuir’s bassist role in 1976.

Ian’s recruitment to the band was a milestone, as he was the first recruit from outside of the hometown of Edinburgh. His time with the Bay City Rollers lasted only seven months. Ian did contribute to the recording “Dedication”, the 1976 album of the Bay City Rollers during his short tenure.

The album included their successful rendition “I Only Want to Be With You” by Dusty Springfield, which reached No. The album featured their successful rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Wanna Be With You,” which climbed to No. The US charts ranked the song at No. 12. Ian left the Bay City Rollers in late 1976 and was replaced by guitarist Pat McGlynn. Ian’s decision to leave was influenced by internal conflicts in the band. He felt the need for distance from the conflict.

He said, “I was forced to leave before my head went into the gas oven.” Ian’s contributions to the Bay City Rollers and the Dedication album, despite his short time with the band, remain part of its legacy.

Bay City Rollers Members

The Bay City Rollers became a Scottish rock band in the 1970s. They were adored by teenagers around the world and gained worldwide fame. They were from Edinburgh and often called “tartan teenager sensations”. They were considered one of the greatest musical acts since The Beatles.

The group went through many lineup changes over the years, but the classic lineup emerged during the peak of their popularity. The lineup included talented musicians such as guitarists Eric Faulkner, Stuart Wood, charismatic vocalist Les McKeown and bassist Alan Longmuir. Drummer Derek Longmuir was also part of the group. Fans around the world were enchanted by their harmonious collaboration and charismatic stage presence.

The band’s line-up has changed in recent years. The current lineup, which began in 2018, includes original guitarist Stuart “Woody”, talented singer Ian Thomson and drummer Jamie McGrory. Together they keep the Bay City Rollers legacy alive by entertaining audiences with their infectious songs and maintaining the spirit that the band captured in its heyday.

Current Members

  • Stuart “Woody Wood”
  • Ian Thomson
  • Jamie McGrory
  • Mikey Smith

Former members

  • Alan Longmuir
  • Derek Longmuir
  • Neil Porteous
  • Gordon “Nobby” Clark
  • Dave Pettigrew
  • Gregory Ellison
  • Mike Ellison
  • Keith Norman
  • David Paton
  • Alan Dunn
  • Billy Lyall
  • Eric Manclark
  • Neil Henderson
  • Archie Marr
  • John Devine
  • Eric Faulkner
  • Les McKeown
  • Ian Mitchell
  • Pat McGlynn
  • Duncan Faure
  • George Spencer
  • Marcus Cordock

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