Ian Aguilar Missing: Where Is Ian Aguilar Now?

The missing 10-year-old Ian Aguilar who is believed to be with his family in Mexico following an AMBER alert is last reported missing in Wilmer, Texas, and the suspect is his father Juan Aguilar Cano. He is currently conducting investigations to confirm Ian’s safety.

Ian Aguilar Missing

A 10-year-old Ian Aguilar from North Texas is missing, and the Amber Alert issued after he was last seen in Wilmer. The main suspect in his disappearance is his father Juan Aguilar.

Recent reports indicate the possibility that Ian may be with his family in Mexico This gives some hope, but investigations into the reasons of his disappearance and suspect’s activities continue.

The authorities originally believed Ian was in imminent danger in particular because suspect Juan Aguilar Cano was also believed to be responsible for the murder of the mother of Ian, Zuleika Lopez. The suspect car was a 2007 tan Chevrolet Tahoe, was found abandoned in the Houston area.

Communication with family members suggests Ian’s safety, Aguilar Cano remains unaccounted for. Police emphasize their continuing efforts to ensure Ian’s security and encourage anyone who has information to get in touch with them.

Authorities express their hope for Ian is reunited with his family in the near future and stress their determination to ensure his security. Ian is described as being a 4 feet tall Hispanic male, whereas Aguilar-Cano is a 5’7″ tall white male.

Investigative efforts continue to uncover the mystery surrounding Ian’s disappearance as well as the location of the suspect and the ultimate aim of establishing the safety of the boy.

Ian Aguilar Details

NameIan Aguilar
Description4 feet tall 4 feet tall, brown eyes and black hair
Last Seen20th block Oakdale Street, Wilmer
ContactWilmer Police Department: 972-441-6565

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