I Tried PanOxyl Am Oil Control Moisturizer & Was Amazed!

For years and years, I accepted that I had oily skin, and there was very little I could do about it. A shiny complexion was quite normal for me, and you’d pretty much always find blotting paper in my pockets, such were the lengths I had to go to look less oily. I’m pleased to say that those days are over thanks to Am Oil control moisturizer by PanOxyl.

The journey I’ve been on has been nothing short of transformational, as I’m now confident about my skin once again. That’s not something I’ve been able to say since before I was a teenager, so I simply had to create this blog and tell you all about it. 

It Does Exactly What It Says On the Box 

I don’t mind admitting that I was rather uninformed for a long time – largely due to the fact that I’d given up and wasn’t really looking for a solution. So, when a friend said, “why don’t you try this?” as she handed me some PanOxyl Am oil control moisturizer, I was a little taken aback. 

I had assumed for a long time that moisturizer was a no-no for me. In my experience, I’d only ever had one kind of experience with moisturizer – a bad one. I also assumed that most moisturizers were a variation on a theme, so imagine my surprise when I found out about oil-control moisturizers.

Here was a way I could give my skin the hydration it needed without all the gloopiness and daily use of blotting paper. I know they’ve been around for a long time now, but they were news to me and honestly, they’ve changed everything. 

I can tell you now that it does everything it says on the box. It says that it lets you get control of your skin, and it absolutely has! 

Oil Control & Antioxidants Too! 

After just a few short weeks of using my new Am Oil control moisturizer, I’ve seen a marked difference in my skin’s feel and appearance. No longer do I glint in the sunshine, and my breakouts have pretty much stopped. I now understand that I had oily skin because it was lacking in hydration – not something you tend to think when your skin looks wet.

Not only that, but it’s evened out my complexion thanks to the antioxidants it contains, and I’m even protected from UV rays. In short, it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. 

My Am Oil Control Moisturizer is The Real Deal 

As you’re reading this, believe me when I say that I didn’t hold much hope that this product would work, but that didn’t stop me from getting great results. You don’t have to believe in it – just use it as directed. 

Don’t put up with the misery of oily skin like I did for years. Go and try it and write a blog of your own. Mine only costs me $15, so what have you got to lose?

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