How to Prepare for the Long Vatican Entrance Line

Have you heard a lot about the long wait to get into the Vatican museums? Unfortunately, we are not here to tell you this is a myth. Indeed, it is true, and it can be hours long if you are visiting Rome during the high season. We are talking about up to four hours long if you do not have a tour booked.

Are you worried about how you will cope with a long line? Well, there are a few things you can do to make this process easier. Let’s take a look at a some useful tips.

Schedule Your Wakeup Call

Yes, the line at the Vatican can be long. But, the best way to ensure it is as short as possible is to schedule your wake-up call in advance. In other words, plan when you are going to get up in the morning so you can get there early. The earlier you are, the less time you want to wait in line.

Are you worried that you cannot get up early enough? When you are on vacation, this can be a real concern. This is particularly true if there is a time difference from home. You can be suffering from jet lag and struggle to have the energy. The only way you can avoid the early wake-up call is to book a specific tour. In particular, What a Life Tours offers the best skip-the-line Vatican tour. Indeed, you get to skip the general admission line, which is going to save you from having to wait. Check out their website for more details.

Choose Your Outfit

You should always choose your outfit in advance for the Vatican. You want to ensure that you are respectful. There is a dress code for the Sistine Chapel; the last thing you want is to get turned away. This is particularly true if you have waited in a long entrance line. The dress code is that you want to be modest and while it can be warm, you do not want to show off a lot of skin.

Therefore, ensure that you choose your outfit in advance. The weather will be warm, so you want to wear something comfortable. But, you also have to remember to be respectful and remember that this is a religious place. If you feel like the line is going to be too hot for you to stand in with your outfit, it is best to book a tour that allows you to skip the line. This way, you do not have to worry about the temperature.

Check Your Bag

You are allowed to bring a bag into the Vatican. But, it must be below the maximum dimensions. You can be denied entry if you are carrying a bag that is larger than this. So, you want to check the dimensions ahead of your visit. You can easily find these dimensions online.

Note that there is a cloakroom available. But, you might not want to leave valuables in there. This is why it is best to choose your bag carefully so that you can carry all of your valuables with you. Make sure that you are aware of the items you cannot bring in, as you will go through security.

Have Breakfast First

Generally, it is advised that you should put aside a few hours in your day to explore the Vatican museums. There are fascinating historical artifacts to learn about and vibrant paintings to admire. You also have to prepare for the time you are going to spend in line before you get in. Since this can also be long, you want to ensure that you have breakfast first. This way, you have enough energy to enjoy your visit and do not rush around once you are in.

Thus, make it a priority to have breakfast. This is going to allow you to have energy for the day and be ready to wait in line. You are not allowed to eat once inside, so having breakfast ensures you will not be hungry and tired. Try to eat something that will not make you feel heavy and unmotivated—preferably healthy to start your day on the best foot.

Wear Sunscreen

If you are going to be visiting Rome during the summer, sunscreen will be a necessity. There is no shade when you are waiting in the entrance line to the Vatican museums. Therefore, you are exposed to the sun. The last thing you want is to get sunburnt and feel uncomfortable. So, you want to put on high-SPF sunscreen before you go. This protects the skin and makes sure you do not feel unwell.

You might find it useful to wear sunglasses and a hat while you are in line. This can provide you with some protection from the sun. Just ensure you do not wear these accessories inside, as they can be seen as disrespectful. You can put them in your bag before you enter so that security does not tell you. This applies to any accessories you might wear to help with the sun.

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