How to Activate Office 2019

The Office 2019 program is one of the most successful Microsoft products. It is in no way inferior to the latest version of 2021, but unlike the latest version of Office, it uses fewer resources. And its price is more affordable. But the license is still expensive. In this article, we will look at the most affordable and free method of activating Office 2019 using the KMSAuto utility.

Why did the choice fall on the KMS-Auto application ?

 This activator is time-tested. Thousands of users trust this program. The program does not change the system code of your operating system. You will not experience problems with unsuccessful activation and you will not need to reinstall the operating system. The activation process itself is very simple. 
How is activation going? 
The KMSAuto Net program creates a virtual server on your PC. This server is an analogue of the Microsoft KMS server, which activates the Office. After this operation, your office program receives a license.

How to activate Office 2019 with the KMSAuto Net program?

The activation process itself is very simple. We will describe it for you using images to make it clearer.

1. Download KMSAuto Net.

2. Unpack the archive with the program.

3. Run the Kms utility as an administrator.

4. Click the “Activation” button.

Kmsauto for office 2019

5. Next, click the “Activate Office” button.

Activation Office

After these steps, you need to restart your computer. You have activated Office 2019 for free! 


Antivirus programs and Windows Defender often remove and block the activator. You need to make sure that the activator is on the exclusion list of antivirus programs. Also, the utility requires Microsoft Framework Net 4.5.

Additional features of the activator.

Also, using KMS Auto, you can activate the operating system Window 8 and above to Windows 11.

activate windows

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