How Old Is Cher in Burlesque Movie: Know How Old Is Cher?

How Old Is Cher in Burlesque Movie

Cher is a legendary singer, actress and performer who was born in 1964. Her contributions to entertainment have won her many accolades including an Academy Award and a Grammy Award.

We will be answering some frequently asked questions about Cher. This includes her age, role in “Burlesque” and current boyfriend. We’ll also be looking at her accomplishments and awards to highlight her amazing talent and legacy.

Cher is How Old?

Cher, who is Cherilyn Sarkisian in real life, was born May 20, 1946. She will be 76 years old in 2022. Her successful career spans six decades and includes television, film and music. Cher has received numerous awards for her work including an Academy Award and a Grammy Award. She also won an Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

Cher in Burlesque

Cher was a star in “Burlesque”, a movie that Christina Aguilera and Cher co-starred in. It was a musical drama about a small-town girl, who moves to Los Angeles to become a burlesque performer. Cher played Tess, who is the owner of the burlesque nightclub. Her performance in the movie was well received. She was also praised for her acting and singing skills.

Cher Boyfriend: How Old Are You?

Tim Medvetz is Cher’s boyfriend. He is a former reality TV star and biker. He was 45 years old in 2022, as he was born September 12, 1977. Since 2008, Cher and Tim have been together in an on-again/off-again relationship. They split briefly in 2017, but they reconciled in 2018.

Cher in Burlesque Movie: How Old Are You?

Cher was 64 when she starred as Tess in “Burlesque”.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How much is Cher’s net worth in today’s dollars?

Cher’s net worth was estimated at $360 million in 2022.

  • Cher has how many children?

Cher has two children, Chaz Bono (pictured above) and Elijah Blue Allman (pictured below).

  • What is Cher’s most recognizable song?

Cher’s most well-known song is “Believe,” released in 1998.

  • Is Cher eligible for an Oscar?

Yes, Cher was awarded an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1988 for her performance in “Moonstruck”.

  • Cher has been married many times.

Cher has been married three more times. Sonny Bono was her first marriage, Gregg Allman was her second, and Robert Camilletti was her third marriage.



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