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Are you conscious of the name of WHO Alicent Hightower was? does one grasp her name? have you ever detected of her? does one need {to grasp|to understand|to grasp} additional concerning her? does one know the circumstances that crystal rectifier to her death?

The voters from the uk, us,and North American country ar discussing her. during this post, however will Alicent Hightower Die we’ll take a glance at every and each detail.

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Olivia Cooke, a well known English actor, can portray the role of Queen Alicent Hightower within the forthcoming HBO series House of the Dragon. the sport of Thrones prequel series is ready within the past, centuries before it’s Battle of the 5 Kings. The introduction of diverse new characters because the kids from Alicent, Rhaenyra, and Daemon could be a amendment which will confuse viewers, even though King’s Landing has undergone heaps of changes since the show’s finish.

What Happens to Alicent Hightower? determine additional.

The winter unwellness caused the Queen Alicent Hightower to expire within the year 133 AC throughout Kings Landing. In her older years, she was diagnosed with a cerebral sickness. consistent with the author Ryan Condal, she is fifteen years recent and showing to be a fully-developed adult. once she reaches age eighteen, she’s improbably proficient and exquisite. Even when having kids, she’s an equivalent beautiful as Har maidan’s age. Therefore, she has associate degree assortment of various positive qualities. within the next chapter we’ll decide to determine additional what we all know concerning Alicent Hightower kids.

The children of Alicent WHO was she?

Alicent is associate degree Hightower members of the royal family. within the future, she is going to marry Viserys I the second spouse of Targaryen. The Queen Alicent Hightower is WHO she is. Otto Hightower is her father. She is that the mother of King Aegon II and Queen Helaena Aemond, Queen Helaena Aemond and patrician Daeron The four kids. The name of the mother isn’t illustrious. it’s potential that she lost her mother as atiny low kid. Gwayne Hightower is one in all her brothers named. the primary thirteen years of her living were lived in Oldtown that was her family’s home city. Today, we’re referred to as what’s the reason for Alicent Hightower Die?

More information:

Queen Alicent offered the poisoned King Viserys one his drink on the day that he had his third moon , within the year 129 A.D. Alicent needs her son patrician Aegon to be topped upon her decease, with the help by Lord military officer Criston from the King’s Guard.


Alicent Hightower was a queen. However, within the fashionable age the character of Alicent Hightower is being supported her. Olivia Cooke is enjoying the character of Alicent Hightower within the recent series. It’s associate degree intriguing and thrilling show. If you’d wish to grasp additional info concerning Alicent Hightower click here.

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