Hera One Piece Wiki {August 2022} Know A Thundercloud Homie!

This page is all about Hera One Piece Wiki and her abilities, as well as an explanation of the plot.

Have you had the chance to meet Hera? And what is the One Piece Wiki? The Japanese series says Big Mom created Hera in Wano Country to serve as Zeus Hera’s replacement for Zeus as an ally in the form of thunderclouds. The comic book and the series were popular throughout The United States and the Philippines.

Greek mythology refers to Hera as Zeus as a wife, sister goddess of families, women weddings, childbirth, and marriage. Hera’s position as Zeus as a female heir and successor might be a reference to the fabled union of their namesakes.

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Power of Hera

If the lightning has completely covered the woman, her mouth is opened wide when she eats anything and exposes her teeth to many sharp points.

Hera generally is positive and has an edgy, happy tone. This is evident by the hearts at the end of sentences. She’s also seen as conceited because she boasts about her beauty.

Hera is completely committed to Big Mom and is not like Zeus. Hera rescinded Prometheus after he expressed an desire to become his partner, which indicates that she doesn’t seem to have any other special friends. According to the her One Piece Wiki ,she was content to eat Zeus in the manner that Big Mom had commanded, laughingly “thanking” her pal for the meal.

The appearance of Hera in One Piece Wiki

Hera is significantly more powerful than other homies due to the fact that she was born from a part from Big Mama’s soul which gives her the power to fight the Yomi no Mi’s soul projection. Similar to her great-grandfather Zeus, Hera can unleash hugely powerful lightning bolts that cause havoc all over the world. Read further to get to know the plot.

Hera’s birth and the The Test of Hera’s Might The Hera One-Piece Wiki

Big Mom angry over being cut off from and deterred by her former thunder-loving friend, Zeus, after being taken off the island floating in the conflict on Onigashima she decided to transform into Hera at Prometheus’s request. After that she, holding Hera remaining in the right hand of her Big Mom flew back toward Onigashima and instructed Hera to hit Eustass Kid along with Killer out of on the Skull Dome with a thunderbolt.

Big Mom was then dubbed Hera and her two friends Prometheus and Napoleon to fight Ulti by combining their talents to shoot an incredibly powerful laser beam that destroyed her in one go. In the event that Prometheus and Napoleon attempted to enter Hera’s one Piece Wiki and she brushed the two off with no reluctance. Then Zeus returned with Big Mom, who told her that she didn’t need her any more and gave Hera instructions to swallow him in order that she could take his soul in and become stronger.


The Japanese comic book series One Piece was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Each episode was made into 103 tankbon volumes as well as published by Shueisha’s weekly shnen manga journal Weekly Shnen Jump since July 1997. A character in the Series includes Hera.

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