Gumtree Delivery Scam {Sep} Get The Entire Facts Here!

Gumtree Delivery Scam

Find exclusive information that is not available anywhere else about this Gumtree delivery Scam. Be aware of the way in which this scam is designed to steal money from innocent users.

Did you know about the famous gumtree scam that started from the United Kingdom? After the scam was conceived the scam spread to other areas of the world which included Australia, Africa, Scotland, Etc. Are you interested in more details regarding the scam on gumtree?

We will review the methods used by scammers to take advantage of users on gumtree for receiving money from innocent customer accounts in fraudulent phishing scams. Learn how to protect yourself from gumtree delivery scam.

The truth about the Gumtree fraud:

The transaction takes place between an individual buyers and sellers, in which the buyer pays through the gumtree payment hyperlink and shares it with seller. The seller has access to the link and receive money in their account at the banks. After the transaction has been completed, the company arranges a carriers in three business days, to collect the item at the location of the seller.

The gumtree scam seeks to win the trust of sellers by releasing an advertisement that states that the buyer made the purchase. When the seller becomes convenient and is unable to pay, the seller becomes stuck.

What is? Gumtree Delivery Scam operate?

Gumtree is a global third-party platform that connects buyers and sellers together. It allows individuals who are not affiliated with the site to list their goods on the site. The buyer is an independent buyer who reviews the product before making an offer to purchase the product.

Gumtree website uses various domain URLs that are depending on the country it’s located in. For instance in the UK is, in the UK is gumtree site is In Africa the domain is In Australia it’s

The scammers took advantage of URL variations and created copycat URLs such as The scammers reached out to individuals selling on Whatsapp and informed them that they’d paid (a Gumtree Delivery Scam) for the item and that the seller was able to get funds through the web link.

The link in Whatsapp will require the seller to input the details of their credit card. However, instead of receiving cash the seller is making money from their account to fraudsters.

Beware of gumtree scams

Gumtree has warned its customers to not click on the link provided within the Whatsapp message and to never provide bank and credit card details via these fake URLs.

In Scotland the customers can make a call to 0(808)164-6000 to report Gumtree delivery Scam message. If users have lost their money they can contact 101 to report the scam with Scotland police department. Scotland Police department.

The people of the UK are able to learn more about how to stay clear of scams from gumtree by visiting Additionally, they can report it to NFCCRC at or call them at 0(300)123-2040.


Gumtree doesn’t offer pickup or delivery service. Gumtree organizes pickup using their partners in the transportation industry parcel2go. In general, providing details about your bank account or card on a legitimate gumtree website and application is secure. But, it is important to check your details on the official site of the gumtree.

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