Guilford County Airplane Crash: Read Details On The Crash!

The police investigate the cause of crash. Learn more about the Guilford County Airplane Crash.

You may have heard about a plane crash. Who was involved in it? Did anyone die?

What time did the Crash happen?

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office reported that the plane crash occurred on the west embankment U.S.421. According the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Kurtis William, 52, and his passenger, a 39-year-old woman, were both on board the plane.

After the accident, the passenger received medical treatment at UNC Chapel Hill Clinic. According the hospital’s statements, he’s safe for now. Williams death was confirmed immediately. Both the Schools National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the crash.

Additional Details about the Crash

Both men have commercial pilot’s licenses, according to NTSB officials.

The public is eager to learn more about the crash.

The crash scene confirmed that Kurtis William, 52, of Kernersville, was the pilot. A second victim remains in critical condition. Perkins will never forget what he saw and experienced in the plane accident. More information will be provided to the Courthouse.

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Online sources indicate that the pilot is dead. After the crash, the passenger was taken to hospital for further treatment. The police continue to investigate the crash. Learn more on the Internet

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Guilford County Airplane Crash- FAQ

  • When did the accident occur?

On Tuesday, at 11:36 a.m., a plane crashed.

  • Where was the accident?

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office reported that the plane crash occurred on the westside of U.S. 421.

  • Who was killed in the crash?

The pilot died in the plane crash.

  • Has anyone been injured?

The patient was taken to the hospital after stabilizing.

  • What caused the crash?

The police use GIS to investigate an accident and gather details.

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