Gladys Guevarra Husband: Know What Happened To Her?

Gladys Guevarra Husband

Gladys Guevarra Husband was the subject of this article. Her Biography was also included.

Gladys Guevarra is who? Who is Gladys Guevarra’s husband? What happened to her husband? Continue reading to learn more about her private life. Gladys Guevarra Navarrete, a Filipino actress, singer and comedian, is Gladys Guevarra Navarrete. Her popularity is greater in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and the United States. She is also an impersonator of voice and a former PBB celebrity. We will now look at Gladys Guevarra Husband’s biography and some interesting facts about her.

Gladys Guevarra:

Gladys Guevarra, a Filipino celebrity, was born in Olongapo. She was born 22 February 1977. She is a host, actress, comedian and singer. Her first job was in GMA 7 on the GMA Network.

Gladys Guevarra used to be the lead singer of Gladys. Also, noted that the hit song “I’m going to ride along with you Sasakyan kita on the Boxers” was also recorded by Gladys Guevarra. This song gained prominence during her time on the GMA noontime show.

Gladys Guevarra Boyfriend:

Gladys Guevarra wed Michael Navarrete, her fiancé, on 12 May 2021. He was married three days after she proposed. Gladys Guevarra and Michael Guardian were married three days after their engagement.

About Gladys Guevarra profession

Gladys Guevarra began her career at GMA. She switched to other networks, and she showed great performance. She switched to networks such as Eat Bulaga, Internal Ripples, and Scams. She was particularly driven to leave the show by her connection with Janno Gibbs. She imitated Mahal of Annabelle Rama, a midget actress.

She was a top vocalist at a young age. She loves to express herself, and she shows her uniqueness to show it.

What happened to her?

Pinoy Big Brother, the reality game show, was hosting rumors for 46 days. The co-hoster was the cause of an issue. This causes confusion and some problems. The claims are quickly rejected by the former. Gladys Guevarra was replaced by Janno Gibbs, who was co-host. This is because of their rumoured affair. They have not confirmed it.

She left the PBB house at 58 because she was bored and depressed. In the above section, Gladys Guevarra gave details about her boyfriend and husband. Continue reading to learn more about her net worth, social networks and other details.

Gladys Guevarra’s Filmography & Net Worth

Gladys Guevarra began filmography in 1999. Eat Bulaga was her first host show. Anak Ni Waray vs. Anak Ni Biday a Leng is her most recent show.

Gladys Guevarra, 45, is the oldest member of her family. Since 2021, her net worth has increased rapidly. She is a successful lady with a net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million.


Gladys Guevarra, a comedian and host, is a former Pinoy Big Brother star. She has appeared on various GMA network programs. She has worked in the same network from 1999 until now. We don’t know her monthly salary or other assets. You can find more Gladys Guevarra hosting videos by clicking this link.

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