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Learn more about Georgia Stones Broken Up. This includes its history and inscriptions.

Did you know that Georgia Guidestones was demolished due to security concerns? It had been extensively damaged. Do you want to find out more about Georgia Guidestones? What are the Guidestones written? The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom want to know the identity of the person who destroyed the Guidestones.

This article will discuss the history and incident surrounding Guidestones. Let’s learn more about Georgia Stones Blown up.

Timeline for the explosion:

Residents living nearby the Guidestones reported hearing a loud explosion. Residents were concerned about hearing the explosion and reported it immediately to police at 4:00 am on Wednesday 6th July 2022.

One of the Guidestones’ pillars had been completely destroyed and was subsequently smashed into pieces. The four other pillars suffered significant damage. Georgia Bureau of Investigations determined that the Guidestones were the cause of the damage.

What Are the Georgia Guidestones ?

Guidestones were built vertically using four wide pillars supported by a narrow middle column and a wider pillar that held a flat slab. These four pillars were adorned with guidelines in eight modern languages for good governance. The narrow pillar didn’t have any inscriptions.

Robert C. Christian was the one who requested that the Guidestones be built. He represented a small group loyal Americans who supported the construction. The Guidestones were created to be a compass, clock, and calendar. It was rumored that the structure was evil, an energy field was felt near it, blue orbs were circulating the structure, etc.

What Are Georgia Guidestones Investigations Results?

Elbert County Sheriffs are investigating the case. Initial footage from a CCTV camera captured a car driving by the scene after the explosion. A small garden and plants surround the Guidestones, providing a clear view of the Guidestones from both the road and the distance. The area is surrounded by a transparent iron mesh.

Therefore, surveillance cameras cannot be set up in the vicinity of Guidestones. The sheriffs have yet to find the person responsible for the explosive attack on the Guidestones.

What Georgia Said?

These rumors were also popularized as the Georgia Guidestones. They state that the Guidelines are for maintaining a population below 500 million people; guiding reproduction wisely; Rule religion, traditions and passion; balancing individual rights with social obligations and allowing space for nature. These guidelines were seen as a sign that there was global genocide.


Guidestones were a historical monument that included guidelines to unite mankind, protect peoples and nations, avoid useless officers and petty law, seek truth and harmony, settle external disputes in an international tribunal, and support fair laws. It was designed to reflect the sentiments of a small group of American loyalists. It was destroyed by extensive damage and safety concerns.

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