Gary Lineker Net Worth: Read Her Details Here!

Gary Lineker Net Worth

Gary Lineker Net Worth: Gary Lineker, a former English footballer and sports broadcaster, is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of his generation. His successful broadcasting and football career has made him a well-known figure in media. This article will examine Gary Lineker’s networth, wife, house, age, and children.

Gary Lineker Net Worth:

Gary Lineker’s net worth has been estimated at around PS30million ($41 million). His successful career as a broadcaster and footballer has made him a fortune. He was a professional footballer who played for many clubs including Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. He was also a player for England’s national team, scoring a total 48 goals in his 80 games. He retired from football and went into broadcasting, becoming a pundit on BBC’s Match of the Day.

Gary Lineker Wife:

Gary Lineker was married twice. He was married to Michelle Cockayne in 1986, his first marriage. Before their divorce in 2006, they had four children together. He revealed in 2023 that he has a unique relationship with Michelle, his ex-wife. He has stated that they no longer live together but that they have a romantic relationship. Lineker married Danielle Bux in 2009, and she is his second wife. Although they divorced in 2016, they are still on good terms.

Gary Lineker House:

Gary Lineker’s London house is a magnificent property worth more than PS16 million ($22million). The property is situated in Barnes, an exclusive area. It boasts a tennis court and a swimming pool. The house also boasts a private golf course. Lineker bought the property in 2016 and has since been undergoing extensive renovations.

Gary Lineker Age:

Gary Lineker was born November 30, 1960. He will be 62 in 2023. He is still a prominent figure in media despite his age and continues to be active in football as a pundit at the BBC.

Gary Lineker Children:

Gary Lineker is married to Michelle Cockayne and has four children. They are named George, Harry and Tobias. Lineker is very private about his children, and has never spoken publicly about them.

FAQ’s :

  • How much does Gary Lineker make from the BBC

According to reports, Gary Lineker earns around PS1.75million ($2.4 million) annually at the BBC. This makes Lineker one of the most highly-paid broadcasters at the corporation.

  • Gary Lineker has a new partner.

Gary Lineker is not currently in a relationship. He stated that he is currently focusing on his work and his family.

  • Which clubs did Gary Lineker represent?

Gary Lineker was a member of many clubs throughout his career, including Everton and Barcelona as well as Tottenham Hotspur.

  • How many goals has Gary Lineker scored for England?

Gary Lineker scored 48 goals in his 80 appearances for England’s national team.

  • Is Gary Lineker still involved with football?

Yes, Gary Lineker remains involved in football as a pundit on BBC’s Match of the Day.



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