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Fleetfinder com

Are you seeking an impartial review of Fleetfinder.com? Use and study this article to get the most comprehensive details.

Are you looking to reveal the truth about the reality of a GPS location service? Take note of the information in this post to get more details.

The 21st century is here and people have begun using modern technology to convert complex processes to simple tasks. Furthermore, GPS tracking is one of the top inventions to locate the location in real-time. So, we’ll explain all the details about Fleetfinder www.fleetfinder.com in this article that numerous United States netizens have requested. If you’re looking forward to knowing the truth about it, read this article on a regular basis.

Evaluation of The Portal

On the official website on the official site, we noticed that the website was not open. Therefore, the information in this article come from the internet. The website is an GPS and fleet monitoring service to check the situation based on the hyperlinks.

Additionally, the website concentrates on temperatures, GPS tracking, fuel and maintenance of fleets. Let’s look at other threads that are connected to the business in the next section.

Additional Information about Fleetfinder Com

  • The company is part of that sector of the IT consulting and service sector.
  • A thread has revealed that 500-201 employees are employed by the company.
  • Morten Callesen serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Riche Camacho is the director of accounts.

We will now examine the client’s reaction on Fleetfinder.com in the section below. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the rest of the sections in a proper manner.

How Have The People Responding To This Firm?

We only received one review when we found it on its Facebook profile, and thus accumulated five stars. On Trustpilot the company hasn’t had any public comments. Also, let’s see what ABAX Denmark is connected with Fleetfinder.com in the next section.

Connection of Fleetfinder Together With ABAX Danmark

From a single posting on Facebook, we discovered that the firm was merged together with ABAX Denmark at the end of 2017. In addition, the post stated that the merger will be an exciting one for both companies.

Their team will be the same, however their services will be expanded in order to better serve their customers. Recently the ABAX group was awarded an honor of recognition from the industry during the Great British Fleet Awards 2022. Let’s look at the next part, as it will reveal the true nature of Fleetfinder.com..

Legitimacy Revealing Points

  • Domain Registration Date Our investigation revealed the date of creation of the site as 14 August 1998.
  • Alexa Ranking– 9,725,053 is the value that will be preserved for this portal.
  • trust scoreA remarkable score of 80percent.
  • Website Freezing DateThe website is available until 13-08-2023.
  • Trustpilot ReviewsAs mentioned earlier The Trustpilot reviews are not available for this site.
  • Trust RankingThe site has nothing of significance.

the Bottom Line

This piece of writing demonstrated the credibility of an GPS and the fleet management services provider. After searching to find the name Fleetfinder.com we discovered that the website was not working. Additionally, we noticed that, recently, ABAX Denmark had been recognized for its outstanding services.

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