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Fairsingle Reviews

The review article Fairsingle Reviews offers an in-depth analysis of the website with the full disclosure of its motives and nature.

Are you someone who is a fan of clearance sales, as Mitzi Nohara of The Shinchan series? Do big sales on clearance make you feel better? Then, some of the shopping websites located on the United Kingdom,and the United States announced their massive sales. One of them was fairsingle.com e-commerce website. In this article, we’ll discuss the site and its Fairsingle Reviews.

The fair-single store

The site is founded by empowering individuals and making this world more hospitable for people. Therefore, they sell new products that can help individuals move around independently. Because of the COVID epidemic, a lot inventory items of the vendors were piling up, so they’ve decided to sell the items that were accumulated on this website.

The clearance products they sell are

  • Remote-controlled mobility electric scooters, electric scooters vehicles for terrain,
  • Furniture sets for dining rooms
  • Numerous miscellaneous products such as shakers, ceramic cups and coffee grinders thermo insulated cups mugs, etc.


Is Fairsingle Legit? It is always a must to verify the legitimacy of the website prior to placing an order. The following guidelines will assist us know the legitimacy of the website to a large degree.

  • Customers can buy products at: https://fairsingle.com/
  • Email address: f9nj12j323j99ssdn9f5@fkittttttt.com
  • TELEPHONE phone #: 1 5096140467
  • Contact details They haven’t listed their contact information on their official website.
  • The social media activities The icons that represent Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are accessible on the “contact us” page however, these links ask people to share this website on their social media profiles There aren’t social media accounts linked to them.
  • Fairsingle Review :customer review is only available for one product
  • Originality of the content :most of the content is copied from other websites
  • Policy on privacy:they have provided a specific privacy policy
  • The shipping policy The shipping fee is free for each 59.99dollars spent The estimated time to deliver each item is between 5 and 17 Business Days. they have joined forces with delivery service agencies such as FedEx
  • Refund policycustomers are able to return the item within 14 days after receipt of the product.
  • Return policycustomers can receive their complete refund if they return the item in its original packaging
  • Pay options includePayPal along with card options are available.

Fairsingle Reviews are only available for one item, which suggests suspicions about the site and requires an investigation.

Highlights that are positive

  • They offer warranties and quality certificates for their products.
  • They show information about their stock and products sold.
  • More than $59.99 for purchases, delivery is completely free.

Highlights that are negative

  • Their email address doesn’t match the domain they have chosen.
  • Customers are able to purchase only one item at a given time.
  • Discount rates that are not realistic, ranging from up to 70 percent
  • The information on their payment options is not in line with the description of the product as well as the FAQ section.
  • The layout of the website is badly created and does not make it user-friendly.

Evaluation of legitimacy

Fairsingle is Legit or not? To determine the answer to the question, we must change the way we are looking at this website. It is important to focus on their technical aspects to discover their real motivations.

  • Domain age The website was launched on the 17th of June, 2022 and the age of the fairsingle site is one month old.
  • Date of expiration for domain The website will expire on the 17th of June in 2023 Very short domain life
  • Name of the registrar:the domain was registered under godaddy.com LLC
  • Data security A valid HTTPS protocol is identified
  • trust score on the site very low score on trust, 2.2 percent
  • Global Alexa rank:4104998
  • SEO Score61%
  • Fairsingle Review :only present only for one product The Fairsingle Review is only available for one product
  • Content plagiarized 88 percent of the content copied from other sources.
  • Missing information: contact address, company name

Overview of reviews

There are only 15 reviews on their official site, and they are only available for mobility scooters, and not for any other product. The mobility scooter has been awarded 4.93 scores, and users have shared their photos on the scooters.

They display the amount of purchases. Some items show 1000 transactions and we didn’t see reviews of these products. It’s therefore difficult to determine the authenticity of the products. The readers can read the following article PayPal frauds


So this review by Fairsingle reviews offered the essential details about the site. It’s still not difficult to establish its authenticity since users rated 4.9 in their mobile scooter. However, the rest of the products don’t have customer reviews. Moreover, this website has low trust scores and has mismatched email addresses etc. So, users should be wary of this fair one website.

for more details.

Are you finding this article helpful? Tell us about your thoughts on the big clearance sales by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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