Exploring the World of Branded Slot Games

Unsurprisingly, branded slot machines, which have been popular in land-based casinos for decades, have made their way into the collections of the best online gambling sites.

Branded slot machines can be based on anything from popular movies or music artists to best-selling books. In the gaming and licencing industries, everything goes.

Players have always shown a lot of interest in games of this type; after all, who wouldn’t want to play a game based on their favourite novel, band, or movie?

Yet, some branded games have a lower RTP % than the casinos’ original games, much like Coca-Cola costs more than the supermarket’s brand.

Fortunately, this is only true of some branded slots; if you go through the selection of top online mobile slots casinos, you can play hundreds of games with well-known brands without worrying about a drop in payouts.

Branded slots may have a slightly lower RTP, but for many gamblers, that’s an acceptable amount to pay to play their favourites.

Movie-themed Slots

There is no denying the influence that movies have had on the toy, video game, and other product industries over the past few decades.

Software giants like NetEnt and Playtech followed Microgaming’s lead in tapping into this seemingly endless well of creativity.

However, movie licences typically have an expiration date connected to them, so many online slots that were once accessible have been removed in recent years when the licencing agreements that prompted their development lapsed.

The complete collection of Marvel-themed slot machines from Playtech is one such example, as is Microgaming’s “The Dark Knight,” a Batman-themed slot machine.

If your favourite movie-themed slot machine ever departs from your usual online casino, it will be replaced with a new game featuring updated visuals and the same payment schedule. You should check it out.

In terms of licencing arrangements for online slot games, music has yet to prove as popular as movies, but it is possible to envision a day when bands and singers would begin to give their name to these games in large numbers.

The musician-based genre of online slots was on the verge of exploding a few years ago when NetEnt produced many Rock and Roll themed games, including Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, and Jimi Hendrix.

Slot machines with an Elvis Presley motif have been a brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos staple for over a decade.

This raises an intriguing question, especially in light of NetEnt’s Jimi Hendrix slot machine: are musicians truly timeless? What if, decades after their deaths, slot developers found inspiration in the works of dead singers and bands?

Bally thinks so, seeing as how they have released not one but two slot machines based on the music of Michael Jackson.

Online Slot Machines with TV Themes

Streaming TV has allowed companies like Amazon, Disney, and Netflix to put a lot more money into their TV shows than they could in the past.

Although there has been some recent uncertainty over the future of certain streaming services, traditional, on-time television will continue to lose viewers in the coming years. Where customers ultimately decide to spend their money is the only unknown.

It only takes one hit programme to attract millions of new subscribers to a TV streaming service, but retaining them over the long haul is the real challenge.

Streaming TV firms constantly seek innovative methods to market their programming, and online slot machines may work better than banner commercials or other disliked internet advertising.
Microgaming’s Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica slots are only excellent examples of television-themed online slot machines, take a peek for yourself. However, the vast libraries of previously produced content maintained by numerous businesses imply that fresh branding and licencing arrangements will always be available..

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