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Encanto Characters Age

Check out this article for more information about the most recent Disney comedy musical which reveals the top search results for Encanto’s Characters Age.

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Go to links in this article to find information and a list of the Encanto The Characters’ Age ,revealing how old or young each character is!

Information regarding Disney Encanto:

Disney recently sparked excitement on the internet when they announced their latest musical comedy called Encanto which was released on the 24th of November 2021. The film tells the tale of a character called Mirabel Madrigal, born into a family that is blessed by magical powers, with everyone granting her their extraordinary sparks.

The story centers around the main person and her family, which includes her mother, sister and the rest of her family members. Alongside powers and the age of these characters is the film’s principal goal. Details for the same are given below.

Ages Of Encanto Characters:

Encanto Movie does not have any indications of its characters’ age. That’s the reason the director of the film has announced it on his Twitter head. Here’s a complete list of the characters who are aged to give you a better idea:

  • Camilo- 15 Years Old
  • Luisa- 19 Years Old
  • Pepa- 50 Years Old
  • Abuela Alma, 75 years old Old
  • Bruno- 50 Years Old
  • Agustin- 50 Years Old
  • Antonio- 5 Years Old
  • Felix- 50 Years Old
  • Isabela- 21 Years Old
  • Julieta- 50 Years Old
  • Dolores- 21 Years Old
  • Mirabel- 15 Years Old

More on Encanto Characters Age

For those who are who are wondering about the family’s oldest baby, this chart of Characters Age will reveal their names being Isabella as well as Dolores. Both are identical ages, with just one month of difference. But, despite having the identical ages both characters have distinct powers.

What’s the audience’s reaction to the film?

The plot of the film has been released prior to its release scheduled for November 2021. the reactions of the public to the same can be seen. Disney fans have enjoyed the film to a great extent and created buzz about it on social media and on the internet.

In addition to the plotline and the role of the characters the role of characters in Ages of Encanto is thoroughly researched. The fans were keen to learn about the age gap across all characters, and this was they were revealed by the director via his Twitter posts.

Final Verdict:

Encanto was the very first animation Disney film that features Barbie wearing glasses. The story has been praised by both fans and viewers and has earned 7.3 IMDB ratings for the same. Furthermore it is noted that the age range of film’s character was mentioned in this article, which reveals how Dolores Isabelle and Dolores Isabelle are the most senior of the group.

Find out more about The Encanto from the linked link.

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