Dwayne Wade Affair: Who Is Dwayne Wade Wife?

Dwyane Wade has a son, Xavier Zechariah Wade, from an earlier relationship. The pair Gabrielle Union have a daughter with the name of Kaavia James Union Wade. She was born in 2018.

Dwayne Wade Affair

As of 2023 Dwyane Wade, the former NBA star, has an amazing family of five children. The journey to fatherhood began while he was in high school. Then the couple he was with, Siohvaughn Funches, welcomed their first child, Zaire, in 2002. The couple had a difficult relationship and they divorced in 2007. After his union with Funches, Wade has two children: Zaire and Zaya.

Following Wade’s divorce Wade fell in love with gorgeous model Gabrielle Union. The couple welcomed their first child, Kaavia, in 2018. Wade and his son, Xavier who was which was born 2013 which has a relationship with Aja Metoyer. Wade also became legally the Guardian of the son of his sister Dahveon Morris, which shows that bonds between families are more than blood.

How Many Kids Does Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Have?

Dwyane Wade, and Gabrielle Union, the famous basketball actress and player are a wonderful family. They share one child. The name is Kaavia James Wade. her birth date was 2018. Kaavia is an incredible source of happiness and joy to Dwyane as well as Gabrielle. Aside from Kaavia, Dwyane Wade has additional children from his prior relationships. There is a son called Zaire as well as a daughter named Zaya. They are two amazing children from his previous marriage.

Dwyane Wade also has a son, named Xavier He was born in 2013. The mother of Xavier’s was Aja Metoyer. It is important to note the fact that Xavier is living with his mom and father in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Dwyane has a nephew named Dahveon Morris, who was legally adopted by him.

Who is Dwayne Wade?

Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr. has retired as an American basketball star. He was a player for a long duration with Miami Heat in the NBA and was the winner of three championships. He was a great player, and was picked as a participant in his place in the All-Star event 13 times. He’s one of the greatest basketball players in NBA the history of the sport. He’s now the host of a television show named The Cube.

Before joining the NBA, Wade did really very well in the NCAA basketball tournament playing for a team known as”the Marquette Golden Eagles. They even reached the Final Four in 2003. Then, in 2003 Wade was selected as the fifth player of the NBA draft by the Miami Heat.

In his third season he helped the Heat to their very first NBA Championship as well as being named the top player at the NBA Finals in the year 2006. Wade also made headlines during the 2008 Summer Olympics and helped to help the United States basketball team win the gold medal. The 2008-09 NBA season was when Wade had the highest scoring season in the entire league which earned him the title of the top scorer. In 2010 Wade received the honor of being named as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the NBA All-Star Game.

Wade played alongside LeBron along with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, and they were able to take Miami up to the Four NBA Finals in a row and won 2 championships between 2012 and 2013. In the interim, Wade played for the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers before returning to Miami to finish his playing career. In the year 2019, Wade retired with the Heat and they took away his number on the jersey, #3 in 2020.

In 2021, he was an owner for the Utah Jazz. In the month of October, 2021, Wade was recognized as one of the best players to ever play by being named as a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. In 2023, Wade was informed that Wade would be inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

NameDwyane Wade
Birth DateJanuary 17, 1982
ProfessionFormer Basketball Player

Dwayne Wade Age

Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. was born on the 17th of January 1982. He’s 41 years old. young today. He’s an ex-basketball player who retired. He has many accomplishments in basketball, and has been awarded numerous awards. He is now hosting television shows and is also the owner of an NBA team.

Dwayne Wade’s Early Life

Dwyane Wade, who is also referred to as D-Wade, was second son of his parents, JoLinda and Dwyane Wade Jr. The manner in which Dwyane as well as his dad write their names is special, and it’s due to the influence of his grandmother. The family of Dwyane was not easy. His mother, JoLinda, already had two children when she got married to Dwyane’s father. Following the time that Dwyane and his older brother Tragil arrived, the parents divorced at the time Dwyane was only four months old. older. He was a bit of rough times growing up on his home on the South Side of Chicago.

After his parents divorced Dwyane’s mother was able to care for his sister and him. However, his mother had issues with drugs, which made life extremely difficult for her. There were times when she committed acts which were in violation of the law and had to be imprisoned. At the age of eight, Dwyane was eight years old, his sister Tragil was playing a game on him. She lied to him that she was going to see the movies however, instead she brought Dwyane to live with their father and the new wife. Since then the boy didn’t get to see his mother for a total of two years.

Dwyane enjoyed playing football and basketball. They steered him free of the negative things such as gangs and drugs that a few kids from his area were involved with. He said that his Tragil, his sister Tragil was the one who kept him on the right track. Dwyane loved watching a well-known basketball player named Michael Jordan, and he tried to be like Michael Jordan. On the 14th of October 2001, while Dwyane was becoming extremely proficient in basketball, his mother JoLinda determined that she wanted to make a change in her life to the good. She made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t take drugs again, and she’s maintained that pledge since 2003.

Dwayne Wade College Career

Before he became a major basketball player, Dwyane Wade played sports during high school. He was at Harold L. Richards High School in Oak Lawn. In the beginning, he did extremely well in football playing wide receiver and even as an extra quarterback. However, he became even better in basketball later on. In his junior year his height increased and he became the captain on the team. He averaged 20.7 points and 7.6 Rebounds per game. He was even better his senior year, scoring the 27-point mark and took 11 rebound per game on average. He also helped his team that was called the Bulldogs perform very well and even got them to an crucial game.

Dwyane established records at his high school for scoring points and stealing. He also gave much praise to his coach, Jack Fitzgerald, for being an extremely influential and a positive influence. When the time came to consider college, there were only offers from some schools like Marquette, Illinois State, and DePaul due to his test scores were not very impressive. He decided to attend Marquette University in Wisconsin. His first semester, he wasn’t able to play immediately because of certain rules regarding grades. However, he was able to work hard and was able to get the grades required for next year’s season.

In his sophomore year the player was a top player. He averaged 17.8 scores per contest, accumulated a lot of steals and took numerous shots that were 2-pointers. The team he played for was named the Marquette Golden Eagles, did very well in that season, with a the record of winning 26 times and seven losses. The following year, he was even better, scoring an average 21.5 score per game. The team’s record was that included 27 victories and six loss. In a major game, his mom, JoLinda, got to witness his game on the field for the first time after a time, and his team took home a significant victory.

With his impressive play, Dwyane got a lot of attention across the nation. He was able to help his team make it to the Final Four for the first ever time in the span of a long time. He was chosen to a special group of the top players in college basketball. He was so successful that he decided to quit college earlier and become a part of the NBA. Marquette University honored Dwyane by the retirement of his jersey when you normally have to be a graduate in order to receive this distinction. They opted to honor Dwyane because he was an outstanding player. The incident occurred on February 3, 2007.

Dwayne Wade’s Professional Career

Dwyane Wade was a basketball player with his team the Miami Heat in the NBA. He was extremely talented and was a champion for the team. In his debut season, Wade did great and was among the top rookies. He was instrumental in helping the Heat reach the playoffs. The following year, he performed better. The Heat increased their strength by the addition of a player named Shaquille O’Neal. They were able to win a number of games and advanced to the playoffs.

In the 2005-2006 seasons, Wade was an absolute star. He was a part of the All-Star Game and was one of the top basketball players of the season. He played a key role in helping the Heat take the title and he was voted the most outstanding player of the Finals. Following this, Wade had some injuries but he played very excellently. He even took home the winning the scoring title in the entire league once.

Wade was a part of a group of great players such as LeBron James along with LeBron James and Chris Bosh in Miami. They formed a formidable team known as”the “Big Three.” They reached the NBA Finals a few times and were champions. Then, Wade was a player with other teams, such as those of the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers for a brief period. However, he ultimately went back to Miami Heat. In his final season, Wade announced he would quit. He had a great final season, and played really good in his final games.

Today, Dwyane Wade is also owner of a professional basketball team known as The Utah Jazz. He’s involved in the basketball world even after his retirement.

Dwayne Wade Nationality

Dwyane Wade is a native of Chicago, Illinois, which is one of the cities in the United States. It means he’s American due to the fact that his birthplace is in the country known as”the United States of America.

Dwayne Wade’s Net Worth

Dwyane Wade, the renowned basketball star, has a net worth of $170 million. He gained fame for his basketball abilities during high school, when the record holder set for scoring and stealing. While he didn’t do the same at school, some schools were interested in his talents. He decided to attend Marquette University, but in the first year of his studies it was a lot of watching matches from behind as studying for his classes. When he was back on the court during the second season, it became evident that he would achieve amazing feats. In the course of the course of his NBA time, the player earned an impressive amount of money, namely $198 million for playing basketball. In addition, he earned millions more through sponsorships, particularly from shoe manufacturers.

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