Dragonfly Adopt Me {July 2022} Find Latest Game Info!

Dragonfly Adopt Me

Did you know about the latest pets from Adopt Me? If not, then please read our Dragonfly Adopt Me article and follow us to read more blog posts.

Do you like playing Roblox games? Have you ever played Adopt Me before? If yes, then you’ll be happy to know that a brand new pet has been introduced within Adopt Me. The pet is one of the Dragonfly. If you’ve played this game before, then you be aware the rules of Adopt Me, players need to adopt an animal and care for it. People from across the United States and the United Kingdom have been playing this game. Read this Dragonfly Adopt Me article to know more about the game in greater detail.

What’s the latest animals in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me released fourteen different kinds of pets on the 21st July 2022. Due to the basic egg refresh, gamers are able to receive Royal Egg, Pet Egg and Cracked Egg. It is estimated that the Royal Egg will cost around 1450 Robux, Pet Egg will be about 650 Robux, and Cracked Egg will cost about 350 Robux. You can pick any egg you prefer.

Are you looking forward to learning about the new 14 pets from Adopt Me? Continue studying this Dragonfly Adopt Me article. The list of 14 new pets are:

  1. Mice (This pet is a common)
  2. Poodle (This dog is rare)
  3. Swordfish (This pet is Extremely Rare)
  4. Dragonfly (This pet is a Legendary)
  5. Ant (This pet is called Common)
  6. Alicorn (This pet’s name is a Legendary)
  7. Zebra (This animal is rare)
  8. Camel (This Pet is rare)
  9. The Ancient Dragon (This pet is a Legendary)
  10. Donkey (This pet is rare)
  11. Parakeet (This pet is rare)
  12. Robot (This pet is Ultra Rare)
  13. Orangutan (This Pet is rare)
  14. Corgi (This pet’s extremely Rare)

This is the complete list of the latest 14 pets from the Adopt Me game.

What is it? Dragonfly Adopt Me Roblox?

Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game developed in the company Uplift Games. The game was created on Roblox. Roblox platform. The game launched on the 14th of July, 2017. The game is available using Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

The players are required to build and decorate their homes beautifully. After that, they have to adopt different kinds of pets and care for their pets. Dragonfly is the brand-new pet that is available in this game. Not just Dragonfly is available, but there’s thirteen new pets to be found as pets in Adopt Me that we have already mentioned in our Dragonfly Adopt Me article.

Which are retired pet breeds of Adopt Me?

With the addition of new pets, the following ones will soon be retired: Beaver, Red Panda, Rabbit, Dog, Snow Cat, Shiba Inu, Bunny, Cat, Otter, Snow Puma, Chocolate Labrador, Unicorn, Fennec Fox, Buffalo, Puma and Dragon. When they are retired from Adopt Me, if any players still want the pets, there’s the option of getting them back. The Retired Egg is the only way any player can have the pet back. However, the most important thing to remember is that Retired Egg is accessible inside the VIP room within Adopt Me.


This concludes this morning’s Dragonfly Adopt Me article. If you’d like to know more about this renowned Roblox game, follow this link to read more the details about Adopt Me-. Anyone who hasn’t tried this game can attempt the game for the first time.

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