Dennis Mutara Illness: What Illness Does Dennis Mutara Have?

Dennis Mutara, a well-known gospel artist, has had to face health issues, including an accident on the road in 2020 and allegations of alcoholism depressive symptoms, as well as the death of his parents. This resulted in a three-month stay in a rehabilitation facility.

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Dennis Mutara Illness

Dennis Mutara, a well-known gospel musician, has encountered numerous challenges in recent times. He was involved in a fatal accident on the road in 2020 which was not the only one of the issues that he’s faced. Many have claimed that he was associated with a group called Gwata Ndai, and of using alcohol, but he has denied the allegations. He’s had a hard to deal with four injuries as well as the loss of parents, as well as depression, which led him to stay in a rehabilitation facility. However, his health is declining and he admitted that he cannot sing when he’s poorly. He asked his supporters’ prayers and encouragement in this difficult time.

Dennis Mutara’s health has been an issue of concern, as well as fellow musician Karangu Wa Muraya visited him to assess his health. Karangu said the fact that Mutara isn’t well and that plans were made to visit with family members and discuss what actions to take. Karangu also warned against trusting an untrue Facebook page claiming to offer information on Mutara’s health and stated that Mutara is not on Facebook because of his health. The singer is experiencing a challenging time in his life and his fans hope for a speedy recovery.

who Is Dennis Mutara?

Dennis Mutara is a gospel singer, who is famous as a musician throughout his home country of the Central area of Kenya. He was a household name due to his gospel music and was regarded as one of the best gospel artists in the region at one time. In recent times his career has been plagued by numerous problems and controversy, such as accusations of depression, alcoholism and alleged ties to a long-standing group within Murang’a County. These issues have had a major impact on his public image as well as his overall health as reflected in the content. Dennis Mutara’s professional as well as his personal life has been characterized by both success and challenges.

NameDennis Mutara
HometownNairobi, KE
OccupationGospel Singer
LabelBigPac Entertainments
ManagementNjiraine Gichira, Bigpac Entertainment
Charts for Christian/GospelNairobi, KE

Dennis Mutara Songs

S.No.Song Title
1Kindu Wa Nii
2Ukiriria Giti Kia Murungu
3Tigana Na Andu
4Wendo Ni Muhiu
5Wega Waku Ngai
6Muteteri Wakwa
7Kuga Na Gwika
8Ikai Ungikiagira
10Ikumbi Ria Ngai
12Turi a Ngai
13Ndari Thina Wa Matu
15Taririkana Baba
17Murata Mwega
20Ndirisha Cia Iguru
21Mundu Wa Gwitia
23Ngoro Njega
24Omau Mai
25Ungikuringithania Naki
27Narikorwo Baba
28Wi Mwathani Wakwa
30Ngai Angiuga Niukugia
31Kuhika Na Kuhikania

What happened To Dennis Mutara?

Dennis Mutara has faced a number of difficulties that included a major crash on the road in 2020 and is believed to be one of the main reasons behind his deteriorating health and weight reduction. He’s been accused of being a part with a group dubbed Gwata Ndai and using alcohol however, he has denied the allegations. He has also dealt through the death of parents, and has battled depression, which led to a three-month stint in a rehabilitation facility.

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