Deion Sanders Foot Surgery: What Happened To Deion Sanders?

Explore Deion Sanders’ story of the foot, surgery and complications and a remarkable recovery after Sanders fought through challenges.

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Deion Sanders Foot Surgery

Deion Sanders had to face a significant health issue with his feet in the last times. It started when he had surgery to treat an injured nerve and a fractured foot. Then, complications began to arise following the procedure, resulting in serious issues with his left foot.

The complications were the emergence of three blood clots in the femoral vein that posed a serious danger for his leg. Deion Sanders was required to undergo numerous surgeries, including cutting of his leg’s biggest toe and the second toe in order to deal with the serious situation. The blood clots that formed in his calves had traveled across all the way to his leg, and required extensive medical intervention.

Deion the former football Hall of Famer as well as the the head coach at Jackson State, shared his difficult journey to recovery. Despite the overwhelming difficulties he encountered the team showed grit and perseverance through the entire process. In the end, Deion Sanders was able to overcome his injuries and resume his coaching career, guiding Jackson State to a successful season.

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