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about Day Shift

Day shift received mixed reviews about the rotten tomatoes. The Day Shift is the debut directorial effort from J.J. Perry, who is a stunt-man and master of martial arts. The film premiered on the 12th of August the 12th of August, 2022 by Netflix. Perry is known for his stunt work in blockbusters, such as F9 along with John Wick: The Fate of the Furious. Perry has also worked in the direction of action comedy films that are that are related to Vampire. The film didn’t showcase the action that viewers would expect from his film.

Bud Jablonski is a vampire hunter and an important character. Jamie Fox also strives to keep a balanced balance between different categories of action. Day Shift Rotten tomatoeshas also gained popularity among those who enjoy the programming from J.J. Perry. Day shift review was found in tomato rot. A lot of people have left reviews on this site.

the Plot of Day Shift

The storyline in the film is fascinating and captivating. Bud Jablonski used to clean the pools of wealthy people living in the San Fernando Valley. In the following years, he was promoted to his previous job which involved killing vampires and extracting fangs. These fangs were highly valuable and could fetch the vampire a lot of cash. It would let him live a comfortable life.

Day Shift Rotten Tomatoes

Jablonski was a sweet daughter. His Ex-wife, Jocelyn was Jocelyn. He was in desperate require of $10,000 so as to stop the transfer of his family members to Florida. To address his financial woes in life, he was forced be a part of this “union” for vampire hunter. In the past, the same union exiled him for having was in violation of a lot of the daily codes. Two of his coworkers tried to get him back to the work. Because Jablonski required money, and was experiencing ups and downs throughout his personal life, Jablonski decided to return to his vampire hunter group.

Day shift Rotten Tomatoes has been a great help to people read the reviews for Day shift, which debuted on Netflix.

Five kinds of vampires were distinguished by age, hunting techniques the supreme vampire, and different codes for hunting vampires. It was revealed that the storyline of the film contained numerous loopholes. There are loopholes where vampires required a long time to take out. Wooden bullets were not effective in removing them.


The film Day Shift attracted a lot of viewers when it debuted on Netflix and plenty of people enjoyed it and found it entertaining. Day Shift on Rotten Tomatoes also let viewers review the film prior to going to the theater. For more information go to the website

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