David Gold Cause Of Death Reddit: Know The Net Worth?

David Gold Cause Of Death Reddit

For more information about David and his death cause, see the David Gold Cause of Death Reddit Article.

David Gold is well-known for his work on the West Ham football field. David Gold, a British businessman, died suddenly. Do you want to know more about David Gold’s details, including his wife, fiancee and net worth? For more information, please read the article below.

David Gold is a British citizen, and he’s well-known for his wealth. We can learn more about David Gold Cause of Death Reddit by reading the article.

What is the cause of death for David Gold?

David Gold died on Wednesday 4 January 2023. In this new year, the man has left his family with sorrow. West Ham United announced that David had succumbed to a brief illness.

David Gold was a big fan of Hammers football. Twitter announced that the team had received news of David Gold’s passing.

David Gold is the Chairman of West Ham United. He supported his team in evens and odds. He was the co-owner of Birmingham’s football team from 2009 to 2009. David Gold is one of the most successful British businessmen.

David Gold was elected joint chairman of West Ham United in 2010. He remained there until his death. David Sullivan is West Ham United’s Partner in David’s business.

Let’s take a look at his personal details in this section.

David Gold Biography

  • Name: David Gold
  • Date of Birth: 9th September 1936
  • Date of death: 4th January 2023
  • Place of Birth: Stepney (London, England).
  • Profession: Joint Chairman West Ham United.
  • Beryl Hunt was Beryl’s wife, but she divorced.
  • Children: Jacqueline Gold, Vanessa Gold

We’ve shared some details about David Gold in the previous section, but you can continue reading to find out more information about him.

What year did David Gold get divorced?

David Gold married Beryl Hunt in 1957. However, it lasted until 1972. David Gold was shocked to learn that his best friend and wife had cheated on him. David Gold Fiancee Lesley Manning maintained their relationship until David Gold’s death.

Beryl Hunt, his wife, gave birth to the two children. Jacqueline was Vanessa’s mother and Vanessa his boss at Ann Summers Ltd. and Kickerbox Ltd.

After the death news, netizens looked up his net worth online. We will now learn more about his total earnings.

What is David Gold’s net worth?

David Gold’s earnings amount to PS500 million and Sullivan’s net worth to PS 1.2 billion. David Gold, West Ham United’s founder, is a revolutionary figure. He moved the team from Boleyn ground in 2016 to make it revolutionary.

Ann Summers, a parent company of David Gold, was responsible for many successful British businesses. The country renounced the company as a high-street chain.

Jacqueline Gold (David’s Daughter) has been a successful businesswoman, continuing his legacy. Jacqueline was one of the richest women in the United Kingdom. She is Chief Executive Officer at Ann Summers and Kickerbox Ltd.

David appointed his younger daughter to the role of managing director for both companies. David Gold started Gold Group International as a major source for his income and expanded his business.

David Gold, aged 86 years old, left this world and passed away peacefully. He had a life full of accomplishments.


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