This article focuses on the latest updates since Damar Hamlin Collapse full video went viral. Grab the whole thing now.

Are you aware about Damar Hamlin’s health? Did you know that Damar Hamlin was in the news because of a health issue for three weeks? Damar fans want to hear the most recent information about his health. People want to see their role models in the play.

The sudden collapse video of Damar Hamlin Collapse Full Video is being shared across all social media platforms. Damar Hamlin Collapse Video Full Video is disturbing many people in Canada as well as the United States. Let’s take a look at the latest updates

View the complete video of Damar H. Hamlin

Damar Hamlin, a member of the Buffalo Bills, played on 3 January 2023. Damar collapsed in mid-air during the match’s first quarter. Viral on Reddit, the full video was shared online.

What is the exact incident at?

The match was against Cincinnati Bengals. Damar was seen wrestling with them and fell midway through the match. He initially fell on his stomach and was fine for a while. It collapsed again within a few minutes.

Tee Higgins was at the receiver’s side when Hamlin fell. Damar Hamlin received immediate CPR (). He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital and an ambulance called. According to reports, he suffered a cardiac arrest and was left in critical condition for several more days. His quick recovery was celebrated by his Twitter followers.

The most recent update on Dalmer Hamlin

Dalmer Hamlin was released from the hospital on January 11, 2023. Due to his three-week-old traumatized condition, he was released from the hospital on January 11, 2023.

Dalmer arrived at his team’s locker, Buffalo Bills on Sunday 22 January 2023. The video of Dalmer’s arrival was posted by his team on Instagram.

Learn about Damer Hamlin

  • Full name: Dalmer Hamlin
  • Name of parents: Unknown
  • Nickname: None
  • Birth Home: Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1998
  • Age: 24
  • Networth: 660,000S

Dalmer Hamlin is an alleged NFL star. He is a member of the Buffalo Bills. His 29 football games had helped him tremendously. His video of his collapse had reached many people and brought lots of blessings through Telegram posts.

Some haters have started spreading the news about his retirement to raise the alarm. These rumors are false. This news is outdated because it has merged with previous news where Dalmer announces his retirement. Don’t fall for these false bulletins. Click Here


The Dalmer Hamlin video of his collapse is now viral on all social platforms. Dalmer was taken to the hospital after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. It is quite shocking to see this happen at such a young age.

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