Craps: What is it, Game Rules and Features

Craps is a dice-rolling betting game that requires luck and skill to win. Craps was introduced to the world in China and has become one of the most popular casino games. Follow this article to know the rules of the craps game and how to play it. 

What is the game of Craps?

Craps is a dice game in which players bet on the outcome of a dice roll by one of them, called the shooter. The rules of the craps game are such that the result of some dice makes the game go to the second stage. This feature makes strategy and planning important in craps, unlike many dice games. Craps is played with two 6-sided dice. A craps table has different layers on which bets are made by placing money or chips. Some of these layers are only dedicated to the result of a single dice, and others are used to bet on the overall result of the hand. In real casinos, players or dealers stand at the craps table and direct the game. In online versions, the rules of the craps game and how to bet are no different from real casinos.

Common Terms in Craps

Craps terms are used to refer to the positions and outcomes of the dice. To play this game, in addition to learning the rules of the craps game, it is necessary to learn the slang or slang terms of each region. Some commonly used craps terms refer to the main dice outcome positions:

  • Craps: The result of 2, 3, or 12 in the sum of two dice is called Craps. The craps of the dice mean that the shooter and the players who bet on the backline lose.
  • Natural: The result of 7 or 11 is natural and means the shooter wins, and the players who bet on craps or dent backline lose.
  • Point: The results of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are so-called points and lead to changing the game phase and the value of the dice. Only players who bet on the police layer win at this point.

Some craps terms refer to the betting layers that appear on the table.

Betting layers of the Craps game

The main layers of the craps game include the following:

  • Backline: If the sum of the shooter’s dice is 7 or 11,  he (she) wins, and those who bet on his (her) win, i.e., place their bet on the backline and win a prize.
  • Dent Pass Line: If the sum of the dice is 12, 3, or 2, the shooter and the players who bet on him lose, and the opponent, that is, the players who bet against the shooter and placed their bet on the Dent Pass Line, win the bet.
  • Place: If the sum of two dice is 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, or 4, the game enters the next stage. At this stage, if the sum of the dice reaches one of these numbers again, the shooter wins and loses in any other case. Players who place tokens on the police layer and place a bet win instantly as the total of the dice is scored.
  • Field: When the dice total is 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3, and 2, the players who bet on this layer win.
  • Big 6 and 8: As you can guess from its name, bets on this layer win when the sum of two dice reaches 6 or 8.

Craps Game Rules

As we explained in the previous sections when the sum of the dice is one of the two modes of natural and craps, the result of the bet is determined directly. This phase of the Craps game is called Come Out. IPlayerst on two back lines and dent back lines in the come-out phase. Those who predict that the dice roll will be the natural place their chip on the back lane. Conversely, those who predict that the total of the dice will be craps bet on the backline dent. If the sum of the dice is a point, the game continues for one round and enters the point phase. In this phase, if the sum of the dice is natural or crap, the shooter and the backline players will lose the game in both cases. On the other hand, if the sum of the dice is a point again, they win, and the players who have put tokens on the dent pas line lose. But all craps game bets are not limited to these two phases.

In other levels of the craps game, players bet on the outcome of two dice and have nothing to do with the outcome of the hand, come-out, or game point. For example, one of the popular betting layers in craps is known as the “big 6 and 8”. Players who place their chips on this section win with a dice roll of 6 or 8. Another part of the craps table that players bet on after just one roll of the dice is the field layer. Another layer of betting according to the rules of the game of craps is the place. Players who bet on this layer win by scoring the dice total. Bets on this layer win at 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3, and 2.

How to Play Craps?

Now that you are familiar with the rules of the craps game let’s move on to learning how to play craps:

  • As mentioned before, in the game of craps, one player throws the dice and bets with the other players on the possible outcome of the dice.
  • After each shooter wins or loses a craps hand, the next player becomes the shooter and rolls the dice.
  • In a real casino, this process has certain rituals, and the dice must hit the wall once and return to the table.
  • In an online casino, dice appear with random number generation algorithms.
  • In each round of the game, users who want to participate in hand betting can bet on craps or natural.
  • This bet has a higher coefficient than the bet on layers whose results are determined when the dice are revealed.
  • Players who want to bet on the outcome of a single dice roll can choose to play Field and Place by selecting the Big 6 and 8 layers.
  • The coefficient of these bets is lower, but they have a higher speed of getting results.

To Sum Up

Craps is considered the most popular dice game in the world, which provides players with a wide range of choices due to the possibility of betting on the possible outcomes of two 6-sided dice. Chance is the main and decisive factor in the game of craps, and the rules of the game of craps allow players to bet on different outcomes of the sum of two completely random dice. But unlike Sik Bo, which is another type of dice game of Chinese origin, the craps game is not just a game of chance due to having multiple layers of betting, and strategy also plays an important role in it. The number of players in the craps game can be up to 20, and only one of them, the shooter, throws the dice. Statistically, bets on field and place layers have the highest chance of winning, so they have a lower win rate than back-line and dent-back-line bets. Today, betting sites such as PinUp for playing craps have become very popular, and you can play online and make a profit.

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