Colorado Transgender Arrested: Why Was William Arrested?

Many people are curious about why Colorado Transgender was arrested. Continue reading to find out more.

Who is William Whitworth, you ask?

William Whitworth, a Colorado Springs teenager, was arrested for planning a mass shooting at multiple schools. Whitworth’s sister notified authorities about Whitworth’s violent behavior and plans to attack schools. Officials found plans for homemade bombs and plans to make 3D firearms when they searched the suspect’s home. While no weapons were found in Whitworth’s home, investigators reportedly discovered that he had admitted to the plotting of the attack while he was still drunk. Whitworth is charged with criminal mischief as well as menacing. Although Whitworth was listed as a male in the affidavit, Whitworth’s sister called them ‘Lily.

Colorado Transgender Arrested

William Whitworth, a 19 year-old transgender man who goes under the name “Lilly”, was arrested by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office on March 31. He is suspected of plotting a mass shooting that would target schools and churches in Colorado Springs. This arrest came days after another transgender female attacked a Christian school in Tennessee. After police called Whitworth’s home, they discovered evidence that Whitworth was planning a massacre. A manifesto and drawings that resembled school floor plans were found along with instructions for building a bomb detonator. According to the arrest report, Whitworth was also charged with two counts for criminal attempt to murder in the first grade.

What happened to William Whitworth?

William Whitworth, a transgender teenager who identifies himself as Lilly, was taken into custody on suspicion of plotting a mass shooting at several schools and possibly a Colorado Springs church. Whitworth was found with a manifesto that detailed plans to attack Timberview Middle School and Prairie Hills Elementary as well as Pine Creek High School. A sister of the suspect had called police to report violent behavior and talk about a school shooting. Officers searched their home and found evidence of plotting for the attack. They also found instructions on how to make a bomb, a list of firearms, and how to print them using a 3D printer. Whitworth was charged with attempted murder and other offenses and is currently being held in custody.

Why was William Whitworth arrested?

William Whitworth, a transgender man, was arrested for planning a mass shooting in Colorado Springs schools and churches. He was also found with a manifesto and drawings that resembled school floor plans and instructions on how you would build a bomb detonator. Whitworth was found with materials that identified schools and churches as potential targets. He also had a list and instructions for how to make firearms using a 3D printer. Whitworth was taken into custody and charged with two counts in suspicion of criminal attempt murder in the firstdegree. He was also held on $75,000. Whitworth’s preliminary hearing was set for May 5.

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