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Clint Stanaway Partner: Clint Stanaway, an Australian sports presenter best known for his work on Nine Network. Stanaway was born in Victoria on September 8, 1981. He began his interest in sport at an early age. Stanaway has been a part of some of Australia’s most prominent sports journalists over the years and his popularity is growing.

We will be taking a closer look at Clint Stanaway’s personal life. This includes his partner and whether or not he is married.

Clint Stanaway Partner:

Clint Stanaway has been in a relationship since 2023 with Tegan Gauntlett, his partner. According to the couple began dating in 2017 and have been together ever since. Although Tegan Gauntlett doesn’t make a lot of news, it is clear that Stanaway and she are happy together.

Clint Stanaway Wife:

Clint Stanaway has never been married and no public records show that he was ever married. There have been rumors that Clint Stanaway was in a relationship past with Alicia Loxley, a fellow Nine Network journalist. Clint Stanaway has now entered a relationship, Meagan Reedy.

Stanaway is well-known for his vast knowledge of sports and ability to engage his viewers. Stanaway’s popularity has made him an important figure on social media where he shares his experiences and insights.

Is Clint Stanaway Married?

Clint Stanaway has not been married. He is still in a long-term relationship to Tegan Gauntlett but they have not married.

Clint Stanaway started his career at WIN Television, Bendigo as a sports broadcaster. Later, he moved to the Nine Network where he was a sports presenter on the news program National Nine News.


  • Clint Stanaway’s Partner?

Clint Stanaway currently has a relationship to Tegan Gauntlett.

  • Is Clint Stanaway married?

Clint Stanaway has not been married.

  • What does Clint Stanaway do for his living?

Clint Stanaway is a Nine Network sports presenter.

  • Which major sporting events has Clint Stanaway been a part of?

Clint Stanaway covered the Australian Open, Melbourne Cup and the Australian Football League.

  • Clint Stanaway began his career as a sports broadcaster in the same place he was born.

Clint Stanaway started his career at WIN Television, Bendigo, as a sports presenter.

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