Ciera Breland Missing: Where Is Ciera Breland Now?

Ciera Breland is missing. A 31-year old Indiana lawyer named Cierra Breland, who was last seen in February 2022 and never found, has been reported missing.

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Ciera Breland Missing

Carmel, Indiana was shaken by the news that Xavier Breland had reported his wife missing to the Carmel Police Department. According to Xavier Breland, he was last seen by his wife at around 10 p.m. on February 25, 2022. Her disappearance was a mystery, as she reportedly set out for a local shop in Carmel wearing a purple top and a black shirt, despite temperatures of mid-to-upper 20s.

This article explores the disappearance of Ciera Breland and the concerns her family members expressed regarding her sudden disappearance. Xavier Breland contacted the Carmel Police Department in order to report his wife’s disappearance. He said that she had left the store on that evening and that was when he last saw her.

Upon investigation, however, the authorities found that Ciera Breland had never been to the store, as reported by Xavier. There was also no evidence of her being at the store. It was only made more mysterious by the absence of any evidence that would have indicated her entrance into the store.

What happened to Ciera Breland

Ciera Breland is a mother who disappeared from Indiana without a trace a year ago. Ciera’s last confirmed sighting was on February 24, 2022, at her mother in law’s house in Johns Creek.

Her family and friends are desperate to find out where she is. Her disappearance is shrouded by uncertainty, which intensifies the urgency of the investigation.

Who Is the Main Person of Interest In Ciera Breland’s Disappearance

Ciera Breland’s husband Xavier Breland remains the main person of interest for her disappearance. Xavier Breland was recently released from jail in Indiana, where he had been facing unrelated weapons charges.

He was extradited to Hamilton County in Indiana from Georgia, where he will face charges for unlawful possession of firearms by a violent serious felon. Xavier was convicted of felony burglary in 2005, which adds more scrutiny to his involvement in Ciera’s disappearance.

Has Ciera Breland still not been found?

According to Xavier Breland’s statement to Carmel Police Department he claimed that he saw Ciera last around 10 p.m., on February 24, 2022. She allegedly went to a Carmel store wearing specific clothing. The absence of any surveillance footage of her entering the shop has cast doubt on the accuracy of Xavier Breland’s account.

Ciera’s personal belongings including her phone, her identification, her credit cards, her infant son and her dog are also perplexing. This suggests a sudden, potentially dangerous situation.

What has been the progress of the investigation so far?

The investigation into Ciera Breland’s disappearance was faced with many challenges despite the efforts of law enforcement. Despite extensive searches and inquiries, no leads or evidence has been found.

The mystery surrounding Ciera’s disappearance has only grown deeper due to the lack of progress. Authorities are committed to finding the truth about Ciera’s disappearance and continue to investigate all avenues.

What are the hopes and beliefs of Ciera Breland’s family?

The family of Ciera Breland holds on to the hope that justice and answers will one day be found. They are convinced that Xavier Breland, her husband, has vital information about her disappearance. They hope that someone who knows the details of Ciera’s disappearance will provide vital information, or that her remains are discovered. This would bring closure to their ordeal.

The family is determined to seek justice and find out the truth. They remember Ciera, a mother, friend, and daughter whose absence left an irreplaceable hole in their lives.

When did Ciera Breland last appear?

Ciera was last spotted on February 24, 2022 at 7:17 pm, according to officials. The sighting took place at a residence located on Highgate Manor Court in the Parsons Walk subdivision of Johns Creek. This sighting occurred after Ciera visited her mother-in law’s house, according to the Johns Creek Police Department.

It is unclear how much cooperation Xavier Breland’s mother provided in the police investigation. However, investigators have now revealed that they collected evidence at that property with the help of a search order. Investigators in Johns Creek enlisted cadaver and forensic dogs to help them with their search. They were looking for any blood, signs of a fight, or other evidence that might provide clues about the events that took place during the couple’s time at the house.

The search for Ciera Breland continues

Many well-organized searches were conducted, some of which focused on certain regions. However, no information has been found regarding the location of the mother. While investigators continue to try and piece together the puzzle, officers of law enforcement have distributed pamphlets to raise public awareness.

According to the police description, Ciera is about 5 feet tall and weighs 120 pounds. She also has blonde hair. The couple were driving a white 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan with Georgia license plate RMB5869. The FSU Law School is covering the license plate. Please contact the police if you saw Ciera’s vehicle or Ciera during February. The family is also hopeful that the $10,000 reward will help them solve the case.

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