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Chaplin Wordle

The information below gives specifics and correct movie responses in relation to Chaplin’s Wordle according to suggestions.

Are you in search of an exciting game that combines intriguing puzzles and words? Are you looking to find out the right spelling of a recently completed wordle puzzle? If so you’re at the right place!

Users from all over the world are looking for the most appropriate solving puzzles and everyday puzzles, since the most recent clue is about a film and leads to Chaplin Wordle as the solution. Find out more details and tips regarding Wordle to figure out the correct answer.

Do you think Chaplin the right answer?

The 13th July in the category moviedle of Wordle has a different answer in the Wordle series. But, based on the guess of an anonymous user, users put the answer as Chaplin. The 13th-of-July puzzle is incorrect since the puzzlers didn’t mention the film.

The correct answer to the game is Modern Times! The answer was later posted on the official website to show the correct answer based on the hints.

Chaplin Definition as per Game

CHAPLIN- It refers to as an English film director or actor who was involved in various films like the kid in 1921 as well as the golden rush of 1925. The actor was born 1889, and lived until 1977.

Hints to the puzzle

  • The first was that the film was released in 1936.
  • This secondhand was about American silent-comedy film
  • A third one was specifically about The Charlie Chaplin character
  • The fourth film begins with the letter m
  • The fifth point was that it surpassed the threshold of the box office, with over 1.8 million
  • It was the sixth clue. Charlie Chaplin directed it

The rules to play Wordle Chaplin

Wordle is a popular platform, comes with different types of games that represent music, movies, pictures and even culture. Moviedle is among the latest games that are played frequently on the Internet is in high demand from gamers. It is essential to follow the rules in order to play without difficulty:

  • Visit the official website of word hurdles
  • Choose the moviedle’s category.
  • Begin by playing the middle button or click the question.
  • You could also play the video six times.
  • Complete the task in six attempts based on the hint
  • The person who scores the highest score is eligible to be awarded a level-up or compression coupons to be able to answer more challenging questions.

Why Is Chaplin Word Trending?

Does Chaplin a word a hot topic because it brings memories to mind. What’s in the film video? The person, in awe and excitement, didn’t pay attention to the clues, but was aware of that the character’s name was the person mentioned on the clue.


Based on the findings on the official website, it is claimed that the solution to the puzzle was not the mark for a lot of users. The player who is new to the game must grasp the basic rules to the Game and be able to enjoy the difficult daily challenge to increase their knowledge of the dictionary as well as their personal abilities.

Did you find you able to use the article helpful in revealing the correct answer to the puzzle of the 13th of July? Comment your answer for Chaplin Wordle!



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