Cafe Press FTC Settlement {July 2022}Read Details Here!

In the wake of the breach in 2019 Following the breach in 2019, the FTC placed an order on CafePress’s website to improve security. Check out the Cafe Press FTC Settlement details for more details.

Are you interested in knowing the specifics about the CafePress and FTC settlement? In the wake of data breaches that were a result of the company’s data protection guidelines and procedures, cafepress and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) reported that it acted swiftly against CafePress an online marketplace where you can customize products.

The people of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are curious about how this can be solved. In accordance with the Commission’s decision, the company has to enhance its security of information. Learn the details of Cafe Press FTC Settlement.

About the Settlement

In the context of a settlement concerning a 2018 incident that involved millions of customers’ personal data and personal information, the Federal Trade Commission compelled online retailer CafePress to improve its security and to pay an $500,000 fine. It means that the previous owner of the company has to pay a half million dollars in order to pay smaller companies.

A website selling online must use authentication techniques, restrict the amount of data it gathers, and protect customers by securing their Social Safety numbers upon the completion of the purchase. Furthermore, the business should undergo an audit by an outside procedure every year.

Cafe Press FTC Settlement

This settlement shows how the organization, helmed by chair Lina Khan has been working to take proactive steps to stop allegations of violations of the law regarding privacy laws. Additionally the Biden candidate has committed to pursue these issues more vigorously as part an overall strategy for regulation.

The CafePress agreement is a result of an incident in February of 2019 which hackers stole sensitive information from the company’s personal computers. More than 20 million customer email addresses and passwords with inadequate security and 180,000 personal Details that were kept in clear text were among the data that was leaked. Cafe Press FTC Settlement was initiated when FTC claimed that the website was not implementing adequate security measures, storing information for longer than it was necessary and not conducting a thorough probe into this incident.

Make and place in an effect a discard policy.

Businesses should keep only important information about users for as long as is permitted by federal laws or legislation and operational processes or any other reason. Although they considered if there was a legitimate commercial reason for keeping such information The FTC declared that CafePress kept customer information on its systems indefinitely which could pose a significant risk to users of the business.

Cafe Press FTC Settlement implies the moment there is no legal or business reason to keep the data businesses should establish and enforce the policy of discarding that outlines how long data from customers is kept and how it can be securely deleted.


The FTC has charged Cafe Press for failing to take the appropriate security measures to protect sensitive information on its network. In the end, Cafe Press is required to improve its security of information. Additionally an agreement was reached for the payment of a $500,000 fine.

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