BUYS2021 Reviews {Aug} Check The Details Here!

Buys2021 Reviews gives the required details about the Adidas online store selling products as well as its test of legitimacy results.

Did you know you know that Disney princess was a fan of her crystal sandals quite a bit? Are you aware that Cinderellas have changed into normal people who are fascinated by their shoes as Cinderella?

Shoes are now a standard item in United States, and in many other countries, and a lot of websites are offering more collections of shoes. Therefore, in this post, we’ll review a website like this and its reviews for BUYS2021.

About the site

The name of the website resembles some promo code for online shopping However, JxPays is the owner of the website. This is why the website’s name is just its name. The website sells shoes with a brand name. They offer a broad range of footwear, appealing to everyone of all ages. They mostly sell Adidas shoes with various styles.

Their products are

  • Adidas kaptir superstar, Adidas USA, Adidas black and white shoes.
  • Adidas Neos, Adidas shoes with 4D technology.
  • Adidas City Beach shoes.
  • Adidas Tracksuits, T-shirts, and clothes.
  • custom-made shoes


It is also important to determine whether is BUYS2021 legitimate as well. Since we always double-check items when purchasing standard products when purchasing online products it is important to double-check the site.

  • Customers can buy products from :
  • Contact email: e2******f08@6***
  • Contact details: They aren’t supplying the phone information.
  • Address information: They haven’t shown their address information.
  • Social media activity: they’ve displayed social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, their links aren’t functioning, which indicates that they aren’t engaged in forums for social media.
  • Originality of content: their content is 47 percent unique, however, there are spelling errors in their product names.
  • Review by customers reviews for BUYS2021 are on their official site.
  • Privacy policy: they’ve provided their privacy policy information within”about us” section “about us” section .and they have provided full privacy policy information and data processing details.
  • Return policy: The link to return policy isn’t working and we didn’t locate any return policy information in the product descriptions either.
  • Refund policy: They haven’t given any information about the refund and exchange policies on their website, neither in its design nor in the description section.
  • Delivery details: They didn’t give any information regarding the delivery charges and shipping time .
  • Credit cards are a payment option.

reviews for BUYS2021 are available on the website, however the website does not provide numerous mandatory specifications We need to examine this website with greater care.


  • They have a variety of collections that include Adidas shoes.
  • No inflated offers are made for any item.
  • Reviews from customers are available.


  • The website isn’t an actual website since it looks like a website which displays pictures of Adidas shoes. The site appears like an online gallery of photos that showcases Adidas shoes, and nothing more .
  • They did not give essential information such as returning policy or shipping policies etc.
  • There are no limitations on purchasing in large quantities.

Evaluation of legitimacy

Does BUYS2021 Have Legitimacy? This section, we’ll examine the most important technical elements of websites. They will provide us with information about the legitimacy of the site.

  • Domain age is not available However, they showed the site’s copywritten date in the year 2019 by JXPays. However, the dates for customer reviews coincide with the month of august in 2022. Therefore, it’s difficult to give the correct date for the domain.
  • Domain expiry time It is not available
  • Name of the registrar: the site’s the registrar’s title is Dominio GQ Domain registry.
  • Security of data: HTTPS protocol is detected but cannot be used as the sole indicator for the security of data on the site.
  • Reviews for BUYS2021: customer reviews are visible on the site.
  • SEO Score :41%
  • Trust score 1 Percent
  • Global Alexa ranking:149968
  • Plagiarism content: 53%
  • Company name: Jxpays.MI
  • Missing information: contact number, address, return, refund, shipping policies.

Customer reviews summary

There are good reviews on most of their products, however when we look closely, all of the comments are from the past and are from the month of August. The majority of customer reviews originate of the same month and the comments do not match the product they’re talking about. It appears that they’ve copied reviews from other websites. The website doesn’t appear like a legitimate one. The readers can also read this credit Card Scams article.


This is why the article BUYS2021 Review offered information on the Adidas website for selling their products. The website isn’t reputable since it has a low trust rating. The website didn’t offer the required guidelines for an online store site.

Additionally, this site does not appear to be an actual one. They’ve simply put up the Adidas items on the site. For readers, they can check out the article on PayPal fraud. For more details.

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