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This article from the Bigfitness Reviews provides complete information about the site and its products, allowing you to judge its credibility.

Are you looking to increase your fitness levels? Are you searching for exercises equipment online on the portal? If so, the internet portal is what you require to know. It has a wide range of fitness equipment to help improve your fitness. This site has gained world-wide recognition.

Today’s post about Bigfitness Reviews is going to give complete details about different products, as well as further information about the website that will help you understand its credibility. Check out this blog to find out more about.

What exactly is

It is a great online shopping portal. The site offers a variety of exercise and gym equipment. It offers an extensive selection of fitness equipment like Indoor Cycling, dumbbells, Olympic Bars, Functional Trainers and Bodymaster Pec Dec treadmills, exercise bikes, the Power Rack and the Weight Bench and many more. Additionally, it offers an option to rent its equipment. The quality of of its equipments is exceptional. Since the company sells its entire range on the internet, it is crucial to know whether Bigfitness legitimate or a fraud?

Points to be followed:

  • The address of the portal on the
  • The site was launched in the year:The web portal was created on the 09/04/1997.
  • The expiration date of the web page:The domain will expire on the 09th of April 2023.
  • Service for email:
  • The website’s exact address is999 Pontiac Ave, Cranston 02905 is the address for the website.
  • Delivery serviceIt will deliver the items within few weeks , with the payment of a fixed amount.
  • The amount of free delivery: There are no specifics on the free delivery of its products.
  • Contact number:4012035659 is its number to call.
  • Information about Express deliveryUnder reviews of Bigfitness There aren’t any specifics on express delivery.
  • The webmaster of the site: There are no specifics about the site’s owner.
  • Social media accounts:Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter logos are on the home page.
  • Returned timeIt is not able to provide the return of new or previously used products.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, PayPal, Master card etc.

Benefits from

  • It provides a variety of payment options for convenience of the customer.
  • It has provided its phone number.
  • It is sharing the original location of its company.

Advantages from

  • The company has not given any information about the identity that the proprietor is.

Is Bigfitness legitimate or is it a fraud web site?

The website has top fitness equipment, however because it is a web-based websites, it is crucial to verify its legitimacy. These points can help to assess its credibility

  • The first version of the web page:The web portal was designed on the 9th of April in 1997.
  • The trust score:The website has a poor trust score, around 76 percent.
  • Copy content rates: The rate of copying content from the web page is 4 percent.
  • Discount: It allows reasonable discounts on its products.
  • The authenticity of Email:The web portal offers a genuine email service.
  • Logos of social platforms: Following Bigfitness Reviews, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter logos are on the homepage of the company.
  • The exact address of the web portal is:999 Pontiac Ave, Cranston 02905 in Rhode Island is the address of the site.
  • Goods Exchange: It is used to replace goods that have been damaged.
  • Order Return Freight: There are no details about the return shipping cost for orders is listed on the website.
  • Alexa Global Ranking:The Alexa world rank of this website is #3722699.
  • Cancel Order Service: No detail on the cancellation method for orders is on the website.
  • Order Refund Policy:No details on the refund process are provided on the website.
  • Terms and Policies:It has shared various policies pages on its website portal.

reviews of BigFitness

There are no reviews by customers about the products it sells on its site. The alexa rank of this website is 3722699. There are a variety of social site logos displayed on the homepage, but no reviews on the product are published on social networks or online websites. It is important to note that buyers should know: What is the best way to get Refunds on Credit Cards If you’ve been scammed?


The web portal has many years of experience in the world of online sales. The site has only a only a few customers who purchase its services. The site has a poor credibility index. The site has many social platforms logos on its site, however there are no reviews available on social and websites, according to the Bigfitness Review.

This is a fake website We recommend that customers be cautious. Buyers should be aware of What is the best way to get A Refund on Paypal if scammed?

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