Bellenten Reviews {July 2022} Check The Details Here!

Bellenten Review will provide complete information about the Bellenten online store, and provide you with an idea of the opinions of customers. Stay tuned to us.

Have you heard of Bellenten? Bellenten web-based store? Are customers able to tell if the website is authentic? If you’re looking for answer to this question, you might find this article helpful.

Bellenten online store located in the United States claims to provide high-end, high-end clothing at affordable cost. But, how accurate are the Bellenten reviews on the web? What are the opinions of shoppers about it? Do the Bellenten website back up the claims they’ve made? For all the information concerning Bellenten’s online store Bellenten web store please follow this blog until the final page.

Overview Of Bellenten Online Store

We have already mentioned that these companies “claim” to offer fashion merchandise. However, it is surprising that shoppers won’t be finding any products that is related to the fashion industry. In Fact they’ve even displayed items like:

  • Cool fidget spinner
  • Professionally designed and the most advanced camera Drone
  • 3 in 1 screen cleaner.
  • Toys and many other items

Is Bellenten legitimate or is a fraud? The Bellenten online store provides information about the fundamental items offered by their store. The legitimacy of the store is crucial since it doesn’t just inform the customer through the store’s operation, but also provides an indication of the authenticity and trust score of the store.

Bellenten Shop Features

  • Buy a cool fidget spinner:
  • Phone details: +(86)17630345870
  • Email Address:
  • Original Content: There is 15 pages that are available within Bellenten’s website. Bellenten website. There is 22% duplicate content on the website liner.

Keep reading Bellenten Review to learn about both the negative and positive points.

  • Address: Unit 2 22., Richmond comm.bldg., 110 Argyle Street Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Refund policy Bellenten Store accepts returns up to 30 days. policy.
  • Shipping policy: Shipping timing to United States takes 5-15 working days. Shipping to other countries typically takes between 10 and 20 working days.
  • Payment methods: MasterCard, Paypal, Visa, American Express, Union pay and online banking.

Positive Highlights

  • protocol is recognized.
  • The owner’s information is verified.
  • The mandatory contact information are listed on the official Bellenten website.

Highlights that are negative

  • There are some negative reviews from customers found on the official site of Bellenten.
  • Duplicate content is identified.

Is Bellenten Legit?

After having read all the details listed below, buyers are able to determine the authenticity that is the case with Bellenten online store. So, please take your time reading this until the very end.

  • Registration: Bellenten online store is registered under
  • trust factorBellenten the online shop had an unsatisfactory trust factor of just 2 percent that means we can’t be sure of the authenticity of this store.
  • Registration for the website:11th July 2022 is the date for registration of Bellenten’s online store. Bellenten Online Store. It suggests that the website has a an expected lifespan of two weeks.
  • Reviews by customers:In our research of Bellenten reviews We have discovered something very odd; Bellenten was registered in July. However, we have found certain customer reviews from January and even June in their website. Therefore, there is a chance of false reviews from customers.
  • policy: All the mandatory policy details can be found on their official site, which shoppers can visit their site.
  • Social Media:they do not exist on social networks.
  • Data security:customers’ data are protected by HTTPS protocol however it’s not always secure.
  • Incorrect information: social media account of Bellenten online store is missing. Bellenten online store isn’t working and not available

Bellenten Reviews

According to our online research we’ve discovered both positive and negative reviews of customers on Bellenten’s official sites. For instance, one client complained that they provided a poor-quality drone and claimed it was fraudulent. Additionally, many internet users who are reviewing websites have expressed keenness to review this website. They have also concluded that consumers should not be able to trust this site.

Alexa’s global rank for Alexa’s global ranking on Bellenten’s website is 5129906. Bellenten website is 5129906, which is poor. In the event that we verify all information that we have, we do not want to recommend this site to customers. In addition, consumers can look up ways to avoid fraud with credit cards on this page.


In closing this article on Bellenten reviews we have said that we don’t recommend this site to customers. Becauseit has an outdated domain, a low trust rating and bad customer reviews. Customers should be aware of the steps below to protect themselves from PayPal fraudulent transactions. If you’d like to read further reviews of Bellenten’s website, click here. Bellenten website, click the website .

Have you ever purchased items through the Bellenten site? Tell us about your experience. us.

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