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What’s worse then being imprisoned within an institution where you are unable to pick your own? What’s more alarming than witnessing the denial of your rights as a human being at its most severe? Unfortunately, the people of America United States are fighting with the same idea.

People in Arizona are struggling and protesting online and physically for the right they want, and they are proceeding through petitions and donations on Azreproductivefreedom com.

Let’s dig into more details.

What is Arizona Effective Freedom?

Human rights were related to living rights in which one is not allowed to commit suicide or abort any living thing without the consent of the person who consented to it. Abortions are believed as a subject of discussion for a majority of people. Many view it as cruel while others view it as necessary.

The citizens of Arizona struggle to maintain this legal violation which allows a woman to decide to abort or allow their child to give birth because they consider it as a cruel act and unnecessary murders of innocents who don’t want to have a child.

Azreproductivefreedom com– Details-

This website is a resource to those who are looking to change the law issued in 1912 by the Arizona legal firm on 1912. In accordance with this law, nearly all forms of abortion are prohibited in Arizona. Numerous victims of rape have protested against the discriminatory laws since such restrictions could sabotage the lives of victims of rape.

They also suggest that the authenticity of her past will judge women’s dignity, and such restrictions could reflect society’s negative perception of her. Also, many anti-choice movements were driven by activists favouring Azreproductivefreedom com. They have branded the government as unconscionable and unreasonable to allow such unjust laws to be enforced within the democratic system.

Why is this trending?

In anticipation of the vote that is scheduled to begin in November to vote in favor of the amendment to this law, crowds are gathering for voting, and signing petitions to support the change through an online platform. Through this portal, one will find a choice of accepting and supporting the petition, and also donating either a small or a substantial amount to similar causes. The petition aims to allow individuals to decide on the area of family planning and health.

Azreproductivefreedom com is for all Arizonans who want to participate in their reproductive freedom. Since the law has been in place for over 100 years, it’s difficult to modify or change it through protests. The majority must be in place to force the changeover.


The choice of prenatal care, contraception, pregnancy and abortion is a private choicethat should not be required to make it from the government. This is a sign of the monarch’s part of the government , and the unjust laws for people in the state. Through the small initiation of the Azreproductivefreedom compeople hope to change and make a big difference.

These acts will only be successful with the help of a large majority. Tell us how you feel in our comments section on this amendment? Click below to find out more information about this law and the struggle



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