Asherah Gomez AKA Ashipooh Leak Video: Know About The Video!

Asherah Gomez, a digital creator and blogger from Sri Lanka. She is a blogger and social media personality with a good fan base on her Instagram account.

Gomez started on YouTube in 2013 and has made a lot of progress. Gomez’s channel has over 21.8k subscribers thanks to her travel videos and vlogs.

Asherah calls herself a Travel and Lifestyle Content Creator since 2017. She has gained followers because of her YouTube and Instagram content.

Gomez is also often in the spotlight for various reasons. Her name is currently a hot-button topic because she has been linked to a leaked clip.

Asherah Gomez AKA Ashipooh Leak Video Viral

Asherah Gómez is best known as Ashipooh. She creates travel and lifestyle videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Gomez’s Instagram and YouTube videos have made her a household name. She is currently the talk of the town with another report that a video relating to Gomez went viral.Asherah Gomez aka Ashipooh leaked video became viral on the internet without any facts.

Unverified sources have reported on the leaked Ashipooh video. Most of them claim that Gomez is seen in explicit moments.

There is no truth to it, as the fake videos uploaded by unauthorized websites are of another celebrity and they have linked it with Asherah. Asherah’s fans and followers have criticised them for this, and many have claimed that they were created to defame Asherah.

Asherah Gómez Leaked video: Reddit Update

Asherah Gómez, as mentioned above, circulates fake news about a video leaked by multiple sources. The viral video was shared mostly on Twitter and Reddit.

Reddit, Twitter and other social media sites have been flooded with fake links created to spread rumors about Gomez among her fans.Asherah’s Gomez leaked video has also been trending across many platforms including Reddit.

Some YouTube channels covered the news as well. Asherah hasn’t commented on this gossip yet, despite the fake rumors.

Who Is Asherah Gomez AKA Ashipooh?

Asherah Gomez aka Ashipooh is a lifestyle content creator. According to her Linkedin profile, she’s also the Director of Harpo’s Cafes & Restaurants. She has held the position since April 2013

In her Linkedin profile, she also says that she has worked in the food & beverage industry as a Public Relations Executive.

Gomez also has an Instagram account with the username @ashipooh91. Gomez is a successful professional, but she also has a great love life. She is married with her husband Shehan.Asherah Gomez, a content creator who is married to Shehan, is a wife.

Since 2016, the Gomez couple shares the relationship as a husband-and-wife. The couple has also started their own family. Gomez has two children, Seth Shalom Gomez and Abiella.

Gomez shares her life through Instagram and YouTube.

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