Are Travel Nurses Still In Demand?

Are Travel Nurses Still In Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way health care is delivered when it comes to travel nurses. With so many unknowns surrounding the virus, are there still opportunities for travel nurses?

Travel nursing is a temporary employment commitment in which individuals work as part of healthcare team in various health care settings across the country and sometimes overseas. Travel nursing job assignments generally last between 4 and 13 weeks, but can be extended if required. The job assignment may be at another hospital, including military or Veteran’s Affairs hospitals, schools and penitentiaries.

Travel nursing has become increasingly popular within the past decade due to its flexibility and attractive pay packages. Despite the coronavirus pandemic changing healthcare dynamics, demands for travel nurses remain high across several parts of the world due to their mobility, training and expertise. Travel nurse staffing by Gifted Healthcare can help you have a clearer view on what’s to look forward to becoming a travel nurse. 

Are travel nurses still making a lot of money?

Yes, travel nurses are still making a lot of money. In fact, in the United States, they can command salary rates that far outpace their stationary counterparts. On average, travel nurses make up to 30% more than registered nurses who work at fixed locations due to overtime pay and shift premiums. Moreover, the long-term assignment opportunities characteristic of such jobs also often come with housing and living stipends, making them an attractive career option for those seeking higher salaries and experiences around the country.

Where are travel nurses most in demand?

Travel nurses are a valuable asset in the healthcare industry, providing vital medical services to areas where they may be needed most. However, the need for staffing can vary by region and the demand for travel nurses is never stagnant.

That said, here are some places that have had recent increases in their need for travel nurses:

Coastal States

Cities and towns that contain coastal areas often experience shifts in patient volumes based on the seasonality of visitors and beachgoers. Because of this, there is a much higher need for travel nurses during peak seasons at these locations, such as summer months. This higher demand is attractive to those who want flexibility and fewer complications related to licensure.

Urban Communities

Communities in cities also require more travel nursing services than rural areas because city hospitals often experience high turnaround rates due to growth or technological advances happening faster in urban environments which create more life-saving opportunities with better care options than rural areas offer. There’s also a greater chance of finding specialty doctors or clinicians in large cities which could make use of your knowledge and provide hands-on experience that not all healthcare settings can offer due to financial restrictions or resources availability concerns.

Western states & territories

Pacific Northwestern states have seen an increase in their need for travel nurses because state governing bodies view them as important assets who can fulfill staffing demands caused by changing populations within urban gatherings, tech hubs and tourism attractions as they become increasingly populated due to job/business opportunities, internship placements or digital nomad living spaces presence. The increasing healthcare service needs among native American communities and veterans living places requires additional support from a flexible staffing solution such as contracting RNs from amongst available resources online via MedPro Group and Hunterian Companies – two examples of experienced companies capable of delivering quality results when hiring travel nurse professionals for their ongoing projects across the western states & territories.

How to get the best agency for your travel nurse career

Identify What You Want from an Agency

Before you start searching for the perfect agency, take some time to think about what you want out of your experience as a travel nurse. Are you looking for competitive pay? Do you need flexibility with assignment locations or job types? Make sure to identify any skills or specialties that make your profile stand out amongst other nurses.

Check Agency Reviews

Once you know what type of agency you need, do some research on different agencies by reading reviews on review sites such as trustpilot or indeed. It’s also helpful to reach out directly to current and/or former nurses who have used the same agency in order to get an in-depth understanding of what it is like working with them.

Consider Agency Size and Specialization

When choosing an agency, consider their size and specialization. Generally speaking, larger agencies may have more clients – but they may also spread their attention across a wide variety of industries and markets; however, smaller agencies may be more willing and able to tailor their services specifically for your individual needs. Additionally, if your specialty falls within a niche area such as oncology or labor & delivery – finding an agency specialized in those areas might be beneficial in connecting you with more suitable job postings.

Compare Benefits & Payment Plans Offered

Finally, compare benefits offered by multiple agencies before making a decision. Different agencies offer varying levels of health insurance coverage, 401K contributions, and PTO accrual plans – so make sure everything fits into both short-term and long-term budgeting goals while still meeting expectations when it comes to nearly equivalent wages compared with permanent positions. As well, compare how payment plans are structured, including how quickly money can be collected after shifts are completed or invoices are submitted – as last-minute fees can add up!

Know the benefits and how to work with the right staffing agency before finally deciding to become a travel nurse. There will be challenges and changes when you become a travel nurse so better be prepared and be familiar with the set up. 



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