Are Swaggy C and Bayleigh Still Together: Where Are They Now?

Is Swaggy C as well as Bayleigh are still in love? Swaggy C as well as Bayleigh remain together happily. Their romance was a bit different when they decided to get married within a matter of minutes after having a meeting the show Big Brother, solidifying their relationship.

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Are Swaggy C and Bayleigh Still Together?

The truth is that Swaggy C as well as Bayleigh remain in love. Swaggy C along with Bayleigh Dayton’s love affair changed when they made the decision to marry within a couple of months of their first meeting in their home at the Big Brother house.

Their wedding in February of 2019 was intimate, without a formal ceremony. They decided to keep their marriage status secret for a period of time. The couple finally decided to announce their wedding to the world via an official YouTube video in January 2020. They wowed the world with their dedication.

Their adventure in the world of reality TV continued when in the latter part of 2019 Bayleigh along with Swaggy C joined forces as a couple in “The Challenge: Total Madness.” But their reality television journey took a different direction as Swaggy C made a public announcement of his exit from reality TV.

This shift in their priorities was marked by a shift in their priorities when they decided to move off the media spotlight to instead focus on their relationship outside the cameras of television. Despite the many twists and turns of their reality-TV journey their love story remained strong and steadfast.

Is Bayleigh Pregnant?

Ex- Big Brother stars Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C are delighted to announce they are expecting their second baby. Their baby girl Alora Leigh already being a part of their familia, they announced their joy through social networks on July 31.

In a touching Instagram post, which featured an outdoor video of Alora and Alora, they expressed their gratitude for the joys life has given them. Their journey began in the year 2018 when they were introduced the love of their lives on the 20th season of Big Brother. They were married in February of this year and welcomed their first child in September 2022.

Who is Swaggy C?

Christopher Jordan Williams, also well-known by his name “Swaggy C,” is not just an actor, but also a reality television star who became famous through his participation as a contestant on Big Brother 20. On the 26th of September, 2018 He marked a significant moment in his life by becoming married to Bayleigh Dayton, a co-star on Big Brother 20. Big Brother contestant.

Swaggy C’s marriage with Bayleigh together with their mutual story of loss have played crucial aspects in their relationship, forming their story of love beyond the realm of reality TV. These personal experiences have made their bond more real that have demonstrated their strength and dedication to each other in the face of challenges in life. They were married in February of this year.

Full NameChristopher Jordan Williams
Nickname“Swaggy C”
Date of BirthFebruary 17, 1995
ProfessionActor and Reality TV Personality
Notable AppearanceBig Brother 20
SpouseBayleigh Dayton

Who is Bayleigh Dayton ?

Bayleigh Dayton was born on May 25 1993. Bayleigh Dayton, who is currently thirty years old has established her name as a well-known figure in the realm of reality TV. Dayton is famous for her appearance on various reality television shows, the most notable appearances the reality show Big Brother 20.

Full NameBayleigh Dayton
Date of BirthMay 25, 1993
ProfessionProminent Reality TV Personality
Notable AppearanceBig Brother 20
SpouseSwaggy C

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