Are Riley and Violet Still Together: What Happened To Her?

Riley and Violet are still together? The fans of “90 Day Fiance”, the popular reality television show, have closely followed the romantic journey and current relationship status of Riley and Violet.

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What are Riley and Violet all about?

Riley and Violet are one of 90 Days Fiance’s main couples. They met online, and then developed a long distance relationship. The show focuses on the journey of their first meeting in person. Riley, a 48-year old military veteran who lives in Queens, New York. Violet was found by Riley while he was scrolling through an app for Vietnamese dating. The two made a virtual connection, and began calling each other every day for more than two years.

Riley says Violet is “the sweetest jerk he’s ever met”. Riley describes her clever and hilarious jokes. Riley is a fan of her humor. He compares the witty remarks she makes to joke grenades. Riley and Violet’s relationship has certainly piqued the interest of fans of “90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days.”

Riley and Violet still together?

Riley and Violet may still be together, but it is not clear. Riley, who is infatuated by his Vietnamese co-star on the show but begins to doubt her sincerity, starts to doubt Violet’s honesty. Riley confesses to the producers in the episode of June 4, that Violet lied when they first started talking about her divorce. She chose to hide the truth despite asking him direct questions.

Riley reveals to his friends in another scene that Violet is still active on their first dating app. This contradicts Violet’s insistence that Riley remove his profile. TLC shared a teaser for the episode on June 11, where Riley expressed his intention to hire an investigator to dig into Violet’s past. He admits in front of the cameras that, despite his belief that Violet has not been entirely transparent about her divorce, he still feels that way. Her refusal to delete the app only adds to her skepticism.

Their journey on the show, however, has shown several obstacles that may impact their relationship. Riley’s hesitation to say “I love” to Violet, and their previous involvement with dating applications have complicated their dynamic. Their dating app accounts raise further questions about their relationship.

Riley’s Revelations

Riley hires a private investigator in the latest episode “90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days”, which aired Sunday, June 11, at 8pm ET on TLC, to find out more about Violet, his Vietnamese girlfriend. Riley makes this decision after discovering that Violet had secretly complained about their fights with his father. She exchanged more than 150 text messages with him without Riley’s knowledge.

Riley is shocked by Violet’s revelation and becomes suspicious that she might be manipulating their relationship to take advantage of Riley’s father. Riley also has lingering questions about Violet’s divorce, and wonders whether she is still using dating apps. Riley discovered Violet’s dating app in a previous disagreement.

Riley, seeking clarity and protection from his partner, hires the services a private detective, who tells him that he is not alone in this concern. In 80% of cases, women are found to have cheated on their partners. Riley, to protect himself, provides the investigator all relevant information about Violet, including copies her passport.

Fans’ Reaction to Riley Actions

Fans of “90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days:” expressed concern. They noted that Riley should consider reconsidering his plans to go to Vietnam if he feels the need to hire a private detective to establish trust.

Riley is plagued with doubts when he meets Violet for the first time. He has been in a previous relationship where there was infidelity. He hires a private detective to find out more about Violet.

Riley’s hiring of a private investigator is criticized by fans of “90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days.” The fans express their doubts about the relationship, believing that such measures are necessary to build trust.

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